Monika Viktoria’s Of Lace and Moss art series

Tiana Vasiljev Reader Find

By Tiana Vasiljev in New Art on Wednesday 26 October 2011

Working in delicate layers of watercolour washes, Sydney-based artist Monika Viktoria creates an elusive world woven from whispers and memories. I recently came across her current series, Of Lace and Moss, which is a collection of romantic portraits rendered with touching detail and soft nuances of colour.

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Anthony Lister on Australia’s inspiring nightlife

Andy Reader Find

By Andy in New Art on Wednesday 29 September 2010

We asked Sydney artist Anthony Lister what Aussie nightlife means to him. In typical style, his answer was blunt and a touch mysterious: ‘sticking to the shadows is paramount’. If we were to elaborate, we’d suggest a handful of monsters and superheroes are sneaking between shadows, stealing cover in the gritty darkness of building enclaves and alleyways. Or perhaps on his canvas. [artwork by Anthony Lister]

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Rebecca Hillis at Melbourne’s Amethyst Art Space

Vivian Mocellin Reader Find

By Vivian Mocellin in New Events on Tuesday 3 August 2010

Sydney-based artist Rebecca Hillis has a wonderful obsession for gypsy characters, female bodies, and dancing. All of this together, sometimes. Her mix of abstract and impressionism seems to evoke a transient world where women are either divas or devils. She is now showing in Melbourne at the Amethyst Art Space.

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