Sydney’s Corridor Bar

Nikki Savvides Reader Find

By Nikki Savvides in Cool Travel on Thursday 26 August 2010

I’ve always thought it strange that Sydney’s grungily trendy and alcohol soaked Newtown has fewer than it’s fair share of cool little bars. There’s Madame Fling Flong’s, if you can find it, and Kuleto’s, if you make it in time for two-for-one cocktail hour. But just the other day I realised that there, smack back in the middle of the action, was a new small bar called Corridor.

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Old style, new class at Sydney’s Bar Cleveland

Xavier Toby Reader Find

By Xavier Toby in Cool Travel on Thursday 4 June 2009

For some reason, over the last decade nearly every pub in Sydney has been systematically destroyed. I’m not sure who’s doing it, or why, but a someone is ripping out every ounce of character, replacing it with bright lights, flat screens, garish colours and emotionless interiors. Bar Cleveland on Cleveland St in Surry Hills seems […]

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