The Presets’ new present

Derrick Stembridge Reader Find

By Derrick Stembridge in New Music on Friday 25 July 2008

The Presets are a Sydney-based electronic duo, consisting of Julian Hamilton and Kim Moyes. In September 2005 they released their debut album, Beams, to positive critical response. That same year Julian Hamilton and Kim Moyes also toured with The Dissociatives, which is co-fronted by Daniel Johns of Silverchair and Australian dance producer Paul Mac. Johns […]

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The Paper Scissors (or something like that)

Zolton Editor

By Zolton in New Music on Saturday 19 July 2008

I first met Jai Pyne, enigmatic frontman for the indie prunk group (that’s pop with a sweet funk underture) The Paper Scissors when he was a scrawny teenager whose greatest challenge in life was trying to slam-dunk a partially deflated basketball at an inner-Sydney playground. Not much has changed in the near decade since, except that his boundless energy has been channeled into a burgeoning career as a songwriter for one of the hottest bands in Australia.

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The Howling Bells on their big Bell Hit

Zolton Editor

By Zolton in New Music on Friday 11 July 2008

The first time I saw Howling Bells play was a blustery Sydney evening a few years back when I’d gotten the word from singer Juanita Stein’s brother — Ari — that an ‘event’ was going down and I was to do whatever it took to get in to see it. Tired and feeling unsociable, I scrubbed up nonetheless and made my way down a winding Oxford Street to a small club just before the red light district of Darlingurst.

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Circle Just Keep Swimming

Kate Suters Reader Find

By Kate Suters in New Music on Tuesday 3 June 2008

Sydney band Circle have just released their debut album Just Keep Swimming and boy does it make me smile. It’s an album that works hard to take your mind elsewhere — and succeeds.

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Stuart McPhee Reader Find

By Stuart McPhee in Video on Saturday 23 February 2008

Having called it a day back in 2001 and with no back catalogue available anymore, this fine underrated Aussie band is very quickly being forgotten about and it is high time something is done to fix that. How can we live in a world that can stock Peter Andre albums and nothing from Skunkhour?

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