Watch as a guy misses his train on live TV, then curses it to hell and back

Rachel Oakley Contributor

By Rachel Oakley in Video on Friday 3 April 2015

The funny thing about missing a train is that you don’t have to be visiting a sick relative, going to an important job interview or running late for a date to get mad at yourself… or the train. There’s just something frustrating about seeing the train door close and the carriages roll out of the station that can get you fired up.

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What the dickens? Swedish kids watch dancing private parts on TV show

Rachel Oakley Contributor

By Rachel Oakley in Video on Wednesday 28 January 2015

Kids’ TV is pretty bland these days. Your kid can either watch a show about big purple dinosaurs or a mindless cartoon. In Sweden, childrens’ television is a little different. Ok, a lot different. During scheduled programming on Barnkanalen (a channel dedicated to kids’ programing), two very different characters emerged in a short one-minute clip. Those […]

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In Sweden, you can now have a boat as your guesthouse and you don’t even need planning permission

Milo Sumner Contributor

By Milo Sumner in News on Wednesday 17 September 2014

A new piece of building code in Swedish law means that homeowners now have the right to build an additional building covering up to 25 square metres on their property without planning permission. Dubbed Attefallshus, in honour of the Swedish housing minister Stefan Attefall, these small houses have already begun to flood the market. One especially canny architectural firm has seen a way to kill two birds with one stone and developed an awesome proposal for their version of an Attefallshus.

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In Sweden, you can get a free bike if you use it three times a week

Low Lai Chow Contributor

By Low Lai Chow in Cool Travel on Thursday 19 June 2014

In West Sweden, the city of Gothenberg has been dangling free bikes to residents in a bid to get its inhabitants to leave their cars behind. Incorporating the bike into their lifestyle for six months, three dozen such residents here have been showing the rest of the city how it’s done. The catch? Actually ride […]

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The Swedish rockabilly scene in photos

Rachel Oakley Contributor

By Rachel Oakley in New Trends on Saturday 10 May 2014

The rockabilly scene, filled with rock ‘n roll, muscle cars, and sweet-as-pie Americana is alive and well. In Sweden, of all places. The subculture is called ‘Raggare’, which is slang for ‘gathering’, which was used ‘in rockabilly times to mean collecting women in cars’. Nowadays a large amount of Swedes ‘live their lives as if […]

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Meet Ratzilla: the 15 inch long rat that terrorized an entire family and their cat

Inigo del Castillo Contributor

By Inigo del Castillo in New Events on Friday 28 March 2014

Forget Godzilla, here’s what we all should be running away from: a monster rat that chewed its way through a concrete wall and settled inside a Swedish family’s kitchen. The Bengtsson-Korsas family realized a disturbance in their household when their cat, Enok, refused to go into their kitchen. What they didn’t know was that the 15 inch long (tail not included) Ratzilla, had already made the space behind the dishwasher its home.

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The Swedes develop an invisible bike helmet

Denimu Contributor

By Denimu in New Products on Wednesday 13 November 2013

Everyone in Sweden seems to have a bike, and they use it. And what sucks about riding a bike? Bike helmets. Sure, they keep that overrated “brain” from getting splattered, but they take a lot of the open-air-joy out of things. And they’re not comfortable, nor look that cool. A pair of Swedish women have […]

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Icehotel: A Transitory Art Suite In Jukkasjarvi, Sweden

Contributions Reader Find

By Pish Dadivas in Cool Travel on Friday 20 September 2013

A cross between an igloo and psychedelic art installation, ICEHOTEL is a large-scale art exhibition and simultaneously a luxurious holiday lodge. Over 40 artists from around the world come together for the ICEHOTEL project to create several dozen ‘art suites’ — intricately carved rooms and pavilions made of pure ice and snow, each designed by a different artist or group.

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Sleep 500 feet under at this hotel suite

Low Lai Chow Contributor

By Low Lai Chow in Architecture on Tuesday 2 July 2013

Can this the most luxurious, er, down-to-earth hotel ever? At Sala Silvermine in Sweden, you can stay at a mine suite 500 feet below ground. A night’s stay includes a guided tour of ‘winding galleries and thrilling cavities’, plus a basket with cheese, biscuits, fruits, sparkling wine and chocolate. You’ll get to go on a […]

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City Spy: an insider’s guide to Stockholm

Mr & Mrs Smith Reader Find

By Mr & Mrs Smith in Cool Travel on Wednesday 22 May 2013

Sleek design and snowy winter months settle Stockholm’s spot as the epicentre of cool. Fifty bridges link the 14 islands that make up Sweden’s biggest city; one of Europe’s most beautiful destinations. Graffiti is classified as ‘street art’, frumpy or clunky design is a rarity, and the city is as safe and clean as it […]

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Stunning Organic Treehouse: a human sized bird’s nest

Annie Churdar Contributor

By Annie Churdar in Architecture on Friday 26 April 2013

Treehouses have a special place in our hearts. Whether it’s a sweet childhood memory or the romantic notion of joining Peter and his Lost Boys in their tree home, most of us secretly wish that grown-ups could have treeforts too. But take heart treehouse lovers: the beloved treehouse has been redesigned for practical living! This gorgeous […]

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Making mandalas from brand logos

Low Lai Chow Contributor

By Low Lai Chow in New Design on Thursday 11 April 2013

Swedish artist Gunilla Klingberg explores consumerism by constructing a spiritual symbol — the mandala — from repetitive patterns of brand logo visuals. The majesty of these gigantic circular mandalas is a wry reminder of just much people worship their everyday grocery supplies.

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cute-meets-occult: illustrations by Jakob Feltsen

Karlo Ghokasian Reader Find

By Karlo Ghokasian in New Art on Monday 25 March 2013

Inspired by his daughter, volcanos, patterns and black metal aesthetics, Jakob Feltsen from Gothenburg, Sweden creates illustrations of cute-meets-occult monsters. He works exclusively in Montana markers and has described his work as “advanced doodling.” He’s half way through his studies in illustration but his work is just as radical as any “professional” in the industry. […]

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Visit Sweden’s homeless hotel: voted most uncomfortable

Annie Churdar Contributor

By Annie Churdar in Cool Travel on Wednesday 27 February 2013

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to sleep under a bridge like a homeless person? Perhaps you should consider booking a room at the Fakktum Hotel. Thanks to Swedish agency Forsman and Bodenfors, you can book a space that might otherwise be occupied by a street dweller. It’s similar to booking a […]

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New music by Swedish band Laike

Elliot Knapp Reader Find

By Elliot Knapp in New Music on Saturday 5 January 2013

New Swedish project Laike is the brainchild of Christofer Ståhle. The debut album, Långt från stadslivets dån, is a mysterious collection of songs about escaping modern urban life for the country on which Laike’s formidable guitar skills are augmented by his ethereal vocals and flute chops. Recommended for fans of acoustic music seeking more interesting […]

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