Best ads of the 2014 American Super Bowl

Rachel Oakley Contributor

By Rachel Oakley in Video on Thursday 6 February 2014

Whether you missed the Super Bowl or didn’t bother watching it, you’ll have known that it was on (because people just can’t stop talking about it!). But the best part of Super Bowl Sunday? Watching those ridiculously expensive ads. But who wants to watch them all? Not me. Adweek has compiled a top ten list […]

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Beyonce memes: her most unflattering photos

Annie Churdar Contributor

By Annie Churdar in New Trends on Saturday 23 February 2013

What was she looking at when she made that face? One can only imagine. Or better yet, make a hilarious meme series! After Beyonce’s performance at the Super Bowl Halftime show, a few very unflattering photos surfaced on BuzzFeed. The star’s publicists did the logical thing and asked that the worst one’s be removed. Unfortunately […]

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Psychobabble interpretation of Madonna’s half-time show

Christopher Stribley Reader Find

By Christopher Stribley in New Trends on Friday 16 March 2012

Like her or hate her, you have to admit that Madonna provided quite a spectacle for her half-time show at this year’s Super Bowl. Not content with just enjoying a great show, this blogger felt the need to provide a rather warped interpretation of the performance. While it’s a load of psychobabble, I have to say the writer did provide some great pics and it’s rather entertaining, all in all.

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