AlphabeNt celebrates the beauty of broken, glitched letters

Daniel Purvis Reader Find

By Daniel Purvis in New Art on Tuesday 25 June 2013

Enthralled by the colourful, unpredictable and disjointed imperfections of glitch art, Drew Taylor and I created the AlphbabeNt project: we’d break the 26 characters of the Latin alphabet. Tempered with an unfettered belief in the power of print, we published the collection as a book to force the reader to stop and consider the new […]

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Incredible photo-manipulations of Dali art by Paula Stirland

Contributions Reader Find

By Paula Stirland in New Art on Wednesday 2 November 2011

If Salvador Dali had photoshop and the access to all the awesome stock images we do today, maybe his work would look something like these photomanipulations by Paula Stirland.

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