Stuart Goldsmith’s Comedian’s Comedian podcast

Andy Martin Reader Find

By Andy Martin in Cool Websites on Friday 2 November 2012

I’ve recently been catching up with all the episodes of the Comedian’s Comedian podcast while I try and come up with ideas for new animated shorts. It’s required listening for anyone who is trying to write comedy and particularly so if you have aspirations to be a stand up comedian as in each episode a different stand up is interviewed about their writing methods and experiences from their careers. It’s put together by fellow stand up, Stuart Goldsmith, and features a wide selection of comedians in different stages of their careers, with varying outlooks on the same job. Hopefully some of the writing tips will rub off on me and my next short will be doubly hilarious as a consequence, fingers crossed!

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Childish Gambino: Bonfire

Quan Yeomans Reader Find

By Quan Yeomans in New Music on Thursday 15 December 2011

In my opinion the only person with more faith invested in their own testicles and/or ovaries than the rapper is the stand-up comedian. If rapping equals storyline woven through a series of witty yet incisive rhymed set-ups and punchlines, who better to do it than a professional stand-up/comedy writer.

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