FACT: Pigs can’t fly, but squids can

Low Lai Chow Contributor

By Low Lai Chow in New Photography on Friday 15 February 2013

Trust the Japanese to unlock the secrets of the world in a way we can’t: a bunch of Japanese researchers recently discovered that the oceanic Neon Flying Squid can propel itself out of the ocean and over 30 metres through the air by shooting jets of water at high pressure. It can glide at up […]

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Watch a Squid listening to Insane In The Brain

Cormack O'Connor Contributor

By Cormack O'Connor in Video on Friday 16 November 2012

What happens when you hook up an iPod to a squid’s fin nerve and play it Insane In The Brain by Cypress Hill? If this is a question that has plagued you for centuries you now need to look no further then Backyard Brains. The boys have taken full advantage of the colour changing nature […]

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