24-hour Cupcake Vending Machines coming to New York

Zolton Editor

By Zolton in New Trends on Thursday 8 March 2012

It had to happen. Now that cupcakes have surpassed donuts as the quick treat of choice, the vending machine approach makes total sense. But how will it work? Simple. Each machine will carry 600 freshly-baked cupcakes daily, packed in individual boxes and in a variety of flavours, including Dark Chocolate and Chocolate Marshmallow. Select your cupcake, swipe your card and the next thing you know, your sugary delight will pop out, ready for greedy feasting. Bring it on!

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Sprinkles Cupcakes, the icing on the cake

The Urban Grocer Contributor

By The Urban Grocer in New Food and Packaging on Tuesday 17 March 2009

Sprinkles Cupcakes are hardly a secret — and with good reason. Uncomplicated, delectable, and pure, Sprinkles tempts even health-obsessed Los Angelinos to wait on long lines for the tiny treats. Whipped up from scratch throughout the day using only the best natural ingredients, these desserts are seriously delicious. Whether you go for simple dark chocolate or strawberry, or experiment with a chai latte or lemon coconut, Sprinkles exceeds any expectations one might have for a cupcake. And now on until tomorrow, check out their ode to St. Patrick’s Day.

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