The Cruces de Mayo festival in Cordoba, Spain

Donna Wilson Reader Find

By Donna Wilson in Cool Travel on Friday 30 March 2012

The May Crosses Festival (Cruces de Mayo) is celebrated in many parts of the world, but Cordoba has the most famous celebration. We spent the day walking the town and visiting the private gardens and patios of the residents of Cordoba who decorate them especially for the public. A truly authentic experience [watch a video about it below].

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Creative video concepts by Watergun

Monika Christodoulou Reader Find

By Monika Christodoulou in New Film on Thursday 29 March 2012

I met one of the Watergunners a few weeks ago. This is an incredible creative team consisting of four members – cinematographers and graphic designers – who come from Spain and London and create the most simple but also rare thing these days: amazing videos.

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Archeologists Of Shadows: a graphic novel

Philip DeFina Reader Find

By Philip DeFina in New Illustration on Thursday 5 January 2012

Archeologists Of Shadows, Volume 1: The Resistance, is a graphic novel that has been in development for more than five years. Writer Lara Fuentes and artist Patricio Clarey, based out of Spain, have collaborated with Septagon Studios to publish A.O.S., with editing and adaptation by Preston Park Cooper. It contains more than 100 pages of […]

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Bull-leaping: a friendlier form of bull-fighting

Carlo Muttoni Reader Find

By Carlo Muttoni in New Trends on Friday 15 July 2011

One giant leap for mankind! This eco version of bullfighting is called bull-leaping, a sport where the man, and not the bull, risks their life. In this competition, the armless ‘recortador’ invites the bull to charge, only to avoid his fury at the last second. The athletic leaps and summersaults reminds me of a brave […]

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Ginger Muntz

Contributions Reader Find

By GM in New Illustration on Wednesday 2 February 2011

Ginger Muntz is a Spanish girl who studied graphic design and later fashion design. She loves music, playing washboard, and especially drawing vintage stuff.

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Nude Bike Ride in Madrid

Laurie Smolenski Reader Find

By Laurie Smolenski in New Events on Thursday 12 August 2010

‘Indecent sinners, you are!’ screamed a Spanish granny, waving her cane at a gaggle of naked cyclists. Across the street, a passerby dropped his shopping bags, stripped to his tennies, and sprinted off to join the pack. This is Madrid’s annual Ciclonudista, a bike event in which hundreds of brazen activists gather in the nude for a rollicking ride to raise awareness for bicycle culture in the Spanish capital.

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Casa Son Vida, Balearic Islands

Casper Johansson Reader Find

By Casper Johansson in Cool Travel on Wednesday 5 May 2010

Located in the glorious Balearic Islands, just off the coast of Spain, this equally magnificent, 8,500 square foot Casa Son Vida villa was designed by the Dutch founder of Mooi, Marcel Wanders, in collaboration with the Hong Kong-based tecARCHITECTURE.

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Hexes and Ohs’ Secret Playlist

Zolton Editor

By Zolton in Cool Websites on Friday 9 April 2010

The story of this electro-pop duo begins with a pair of high school sweethearts and arrives now at their debut release, Goodbye Friend, Welcome Lover, which reached number two on the Canadian campus radio charts. We got the inside word from them on the music that inspires them. They started with the Delorean song, Grow […]

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Shoulder Brooch by Itunube

Zolton Editor

By Zolton in New Products on Friday 19 February 2010

This Shoulder Brooch is part of the Be Free As A Bird Collection from Spanish label, Itunube. A black leather brooch inspired on birds and designed to be wear on your shoulder while wearing a t-shirt, a pullover, a dress designed to give a cool and unique touch to your clothes. It’s made out of black, high quality leather.

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Pepa Prieto

Gerry Mak Reader Find

By Gerry Mak in New Art on Friday 12 February 2010

Spanish artist Pepa Prieto weaves intricate and elusive narratives with her innocently psychedelic style — smiling creatures tangle into each other and matrixes of magical machines and bear-skin-clad people explore faraway lands, all playing their role in perpetuating the bustling civilization Prieto depicts in her pastel-colored paintings, installations, and murals.

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Olive: Delicatessen del Mediterraneo

The Urban Grocer Contributor

By The Urban Grocer in Cool Travel on Wednesday 27 January 2010

Situated between the hip El Born and Barceloneta neighborhoods in always stylish Barcelona, Spain is an unassuming narrow boutique where shelves are lined with all things olive. Here at aptly named OLIVE, Delicatessen del Mediterraneo, an awe-inspiring collection of olive oils sit beside a plethora of olive-oil based cosmetics, soaps, creams, gels, and any other […]

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LA Organic

The Urban Grocer Contributor

By The Urban Grocer in New Food and Packaging on Wednesday 20 January 2010

Butter is so 1979. These days, it’s all about olive oil. But not just any olive oil; organic, Slow Food, artisanal, extra-virgin olive oil, of course. Still, that’s not always enough. To this, add one a world renowned designer and you’ve got one of the most in vogue kitchen-must haves: LA Organic. A hundred years ago Spanish nuns near Andalusia were producing olive oil from century old trees. Today, those same stellar groves provide LA Organic with their sumptuous olive oil. Using old-school methods, the artisans behind LA Organic create top-notch oil, continuing in the region’s traditions and in celebration of the land.

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Jericho Santander

Zolton Editor

By Zolton in New Illustration on Tuesday 12 January 2010

I love this surreal series of illustrations by Spanish artist Jericho Santander.

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Marques De Riscal, Spain

Katrina Whitehead Reader Find

By Katrina Whitehead in Architecture on Friday 13 November 2009

I didn’t think there were many cooler buildings in the world than the Guggenheim in Bilbao, Spain -until I stumbled on another of Frank Gehry’s architectural masterpieces in the unassuming village of Elciego. Deep in the heart of the Rioja wine region, the Marques de Riscal is a luxury hotel, and its contemporary style is certainly at odds with the historic, green surrounds. However, if you’re not prepared to fork out for a meal at the restaurant, or upwards of 600 euro a night to stay there, you can forget getting any closer. Unpaying guests aren’t allowed through the gates, and you’ll feel like a nosey neighbour trying to peer over the towering fence for a glimpse. Even still, it’s definitely worth a try.

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Hanging with the witches in Zuggaramurdi

Katrina Whitehead Reader Find

By Katrina Whitehead in Cool Travel on Wednesday 11 November 2009

Okay, so these days we have global warming, rising sea levels and terrorism to deal with. But you’ve really got to feel sorry for the hapless souls who lived in the seventeenth century, especially if they happened to live in the Basque village of Zuggaramurdi. In this picturesque and seemingly tranquil village, the infamous witch hunts of the Spanish Inquisition reached fever pitch — and it was in the town’s caves that hundreds of alleged “witches” were burnt in front of cheering crowds. Today, you can take a tour of the creepy caves, and in June every year, the locals hold a night-long party in the caves to celebrate the summer solstice. If you dare, you can even stay in a witch-themed auberge for the evening. Spooky stuff!

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