Caroline Vos: Illustrations from South Africa

Ben Winfield Reader Find

By Ben Winfield in New Illustration on Thursday 6 December 2012

I came across the work of South African illustrator, Caroline Vos, in 2011 through her Twitter profile, @Caroline_Vos, and I absolutely cannot get enough of it. Typically featuring caricatured celebrities, her ability to distort her subject yet still maintain its integrity is truly astounding.

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Cape Town’s trend of dental modification

Rebekah Rhoden Contributor

By Rebekah Rhoden in New Trends on Tuesday 4 September 2012

For about 60 years, dental modification has been a fad amongst mixed-race Capetonians. You can frequently see these mixed-race South Africans missing four upper front teeth. A study was conducted by at the University of Cape Town, which found that fashion and peer pressure were the main reason for teeth-removal. Dentures inlaid with gold or […]

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New single from Andrew James and the Steady Tiger

Kathalijne Van Zutphen Reader Find

By Kathalijne Van Zutphen in New Music on Wednesday 18 July 2012

Andrew James and the Steady Tiger is a two-piece band from Cape Town who recently released their debut album, Red In Tooth And Claw. Combining folky tunes, created with lap slide guitar and drums, with great vocals and lyrics, Swansong is the dynamic first single by this duo.

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The Test Kitchen, Cape Town

The Urban Grocer Contributor

By The Urban Grocer in Cool Travel on Wednesday 27 June 2012

An air of culinary creativity is permeating the food scene in Cape Town, South Africa as inspired chefs reconceptualize the city’s dining culture. Chef Luke Dale-Roberts is perhaps the poster child for this movement. The mastermind behind the two-year old Test Kitchen, Dale-Roberts designed this space as a ‘creative hub’ for art, culture, and collaboration among his team of hot young rising chefs.

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Contemporist: an inspiration website

Ewa Reader Find

By Ewa in Cool Websites on Tuesday 28 February 2012

This is a fantastic inspiration website showcasing new work in architecture, interiors, lighting, and furniture. What is really nice is that they have taken projects from all over the world. On the Architectural link, I found some projects which were from my home county, South Africa, which was great to see on an international website.

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Bicycle Portraits of South Africa

Rani Nugraha Reader Find

By Rani Nugraha in New Photography on Tuesday 3 January 2012

Two years, 6000 kilometres and 500 portraits. Stan Engelbrecht and Nic Groblerare are about to publish a series of three books of the best 165 photos and stories from their personal journey, which was initially about studying cycling and commuting in South Africa.

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Noon Gun: t shirt illustration with attitude

K and i Design Studio Reader Find

By K and i Design Studio in New Fashion on Saturday 10 September 2011

I recently moved back to South Africa, having spent the last seven years in the UK, and am finding the art and design community here alive and kicking. A small business making a big horse kick is the newly launched t-shirt company called Noongun.

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An African take on Moby’s new single: Be The One

Contributions Reader Find

By William Nicholson in Video on Friday 19 August 2011

Two African kids living lonely adult lives in the city at night. Shot on location in Cape Town, South Africa.

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Contributions Reader Find

By Milos in New Illustration on Wednesday 2 February 2011

MissYucki is an organically evolving character based narrative conceived by Alba Poretti and Kathleen Cameron. The MissYucki project has taken its core inspiration from experiences based on the magic and mayhem of Johannesburg, South Africa, and tells stories ripe with local symbolism.

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Cape Town’s beat-dropping Funafuji

Contributions Reader Find

By Sarah Claire Picton in New Music on Tuesday 7 December 2010

Girls. All I really want is Girls. So, the Beastie Boys rapped it, and Cape Town’s been feeling it. Or her, rather. Meet Safiyya Bryce, aka Funafuji, a little lass with an English accent who is doing big things. Things that make us sweat and smile. Droppin’ it like the boys and throwing in some extra-cheeky femme fatale flare, she’s a ‘fourth year medical student who also plays bass-heavy, phat, wobbley dubstep muuuusak’.

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Put your Vuvuzela to good use. Finally!

Contributions Reader Find

By Matt Blitz in New Trends on Tuesday 21 September 2010

Remember that grating sound that practically deafened us all during World Cup? How could we forget. Well, if you’re wondering what to do with your Vuvuzela now that the World Cup is over, WoZela has the answer: simply come up with a beneficial recycling idea, draw it, make it, film it or depict it in any other way and then submit it to their blog.

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Wine in a beer bottle

The Urban Grocer Contributor

By The Urban Grocer in New Food and Packaging on Thursday 2 September 2010

If there was any doubt that beer is the new wine, it can now be put to rest with the introduction of this new wine packaging: wine in a beer bottle. That’s right, we’re talking about a Swartland Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot blend out of South Africa cheekily disguised within a kitschy brown beer bottle with an equally cheeky title, Bob’s Your Uncle.

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sOccket: the energy generating soccer ball

Nikki Savvides Reader Find

By Nikki Savvides in New Eco on Wednesday 11 August 2010

The brainchild of Harvard University engineering students Jessica Lin, Jessica Matthews, Julia Silverman, and Hemali Thakkar, sOccket is an ingenious creation that harnesses the kinetic potential of play. A soccer ball which uses inductive coil technology to capture and store energy for later use, sOccket has been provided as a solution to the day-to-day energy problems of people living in third world countries.

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Xavier Toby Reader Find

By Xavier Toby in New Film on Tuesday 3 August 2010

Set in South Africa and billed as Africa’s answer to City of God, Jerusalema forgoes that film’s artistic flourishes and humour, opting instead for a more intellectual storyline. While there are still plenty of shots fired and cars stolen, and a rare insight into how life is for those in South Africa’s slums, the picture is built on a few cuttingly clever core ideas.

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On the trail of the Johannesburg Experience

Michelle Wilding Reader Find

By Michelle Wilding in Video on Monday 26 July 2010

I was recently posted to Johannesburg, South Africa as part of a splendid media trip to cover the Smirnoff Experience featuring Tiësto and BLK JKS. Naturally, the video journalist in me decided to make a mini-documentary on the whole thing. I had the privilege to interview the big Dutchman himself, as well as play with […]

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