Art made from hot wax and silk paint by Callum Gibson

Callum Gibson Reader Find

By Callum Gibson in New Art on Tuesday 3 April 2012

Using hot wax and silk paints, I have procured these pieces. My original inspiration was smoke, but using this median, you discover that making mistakes and stumbling upon new patterns and shapes is the key to success. I used a syringe and a copper device to spread the wax. The paint requires a lot of water!

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21st century Shishas have landed on earth

Contributions Reader Find

By Patrick Robineau in New Products on Monday 16 January 2012

Yorb Design has introduced a futuristic and luxurious collection of hand-blown Hookah pipes. Following the Arabian tradition and through revolutionary design and innovation, the uncompromising quality of craftsmanship of Meduse Shishas carries the phenomenon into a brand new dimension. The products are inspired by underwater sea life and through use of a built-in ring of coloured LED lights, each model can be transformed into an impressive luminous object.

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