Featured Image for Stones and bones used as canvas for highly detailed illustrations
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Beaded skull art by Our exQuisite Corpse

Our exQuisite Corpse creates beautifully creepy beaded human and animal skulls. Each skull has an intricate and unique patten made with tiny colorful beads. Our exQuisite Corpse works with the … Read more

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Porcelain skulls by Katsuyo Aoki

The great thing about skull art is that it takes someone genuinely innovative to make it interesting. Katsuyo Aoki’s intricate, ornate, porcelain skulls are examples of this.

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Roxanne Jackson

There is a trophy room somewhere, maybe not in this reality. A glittering demon sits in an armchair, admiring his many poached souls, prepared and mounted by Roxanne Jackson. Beware … Read more

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Real human brains art

Fine, skull art may be a little played out at this point, but come on, this one is made out of real human brains!

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