Schemers: a new song from New York band Skaters

Katie Heathcote Reader Find

By Katie Heathcote in New Music on Thursday 26 April 2012

Skaters is a band born from New York’s hub of indie and garage rock greatness. They have a new track, Schemers, which bursts with sharp, well-defined riffs and smooth, charismatic vocals. The bridge of the song is a highlight as the pace slows right down and you’re left with beautiful, atmospheric guitars caressing you all over.

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Underexposed: a documentary about female skaters

Nikki Toole Reader Find

By Nikki Toole in New Film on Monday 26 March 2012

While working on my Skater photography project, I was excited to meet so many female skaters of all ages sharing the same obsession as the guys in a sport which is still very male dominated when it comes to funding and sponsorship. Amelia Brodka, a Polish born documentary filmmaker, highlights this imbalance in her latest […]

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Portrait photographs of skaters by Nikki Toole

Nikki Toole Reader Find

By Nikki Toole in New Photography on Monday 26 March 2012

After three years of traveling and shooting skaters at parks, sidewalks and on the streets, the Skater: Portraits by Nikki Toole show is on now at The National Portrait Gallery of Australia, running until May 2. It will then move onto Geelong Gallery for three months in July and tour around Australia after that. 

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