Featured Image for Interview with talented animator, filmmaker and artist Sarina Nihei
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Measuring strength by bending steel

Some people spend their days venting petty frustrations on Facebook and Twitter. Other people do things their own way. In Bending Steel a man deals with his inner struggles in a … Read more

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Don Hertzfeldt’s Rejected

Don Hertzfeldt made a name for himself making subversively funny and crude little animations in the late ’90s. His more recent work is more emotionally affecting and narratively complex, and … Read more

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Bicycle Film Festival

Now occurring in seventeen venues around the world, the Bicycle Film Festival certainly has its wheels turning and is well placed to ride into the future. Apologies for the terrible … Read more

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The One80Project

The idea is simple: ‘The One80Project is a national competition inviting anyone with a good idea for an hour long drama to submit a 180 second pilot and an accompanying … Read more

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Sydney International Film Festival

Film Festivals are the antidote to mainstream cinema. Gone are the predictable plotlines, thirty minutes of previews and superstar actors. Instead, there is real variety and undiscovered talent throughout the … Read more

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