Jelly Babies

Jacqui Alexander Reader Find

By Jacqui Alexander in New Fashion on Saturday 3 April 2010

Nostalgic fashionistas, Melbourne boutique, Fat, has just unloaded a shipment of our favourite jelly baby shoes. It’s the Jelly Revial of the cult classic, French Sarraizienne PVC sandal. The wait, for the sentimental and stylish, is now over.

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Shoes Of Prey

Zolton Contributor

By Zolton in Cool Websites on Friday 15 January 2010

On Australian-based website Shoes Of Prey you can create your own fancy shoes and have them made up to wear out. The team behind the bespoke shoe company ‘tracked down a team of highly skilled artisans dedicated to crafting shoes’ and have since opened the platform up to aspiring designers and fashionistas around the world.

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574 Clips, made from scraps of material

Casper Johansson Reader Find

By Casper Johansson in New Fashion on Monday 21 September 2009

Get this: the 574 Clips shoes are constructed from leftover materials salvaged from New Balance’s factory in Lawrence, so each pair is totally unique. There are only 480 pairs available in the US.

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Feiyue shoes

Zac Contributor

By Zac in New Fashion on Thursday 13 August 2009

Feiyue shoes have arrived in Australia and I can’t wait to get a pair of these treads on my hoofs. They look like they could be the new Onitsuka Tigers, but with more edge and personality. The story goes that these shoes were big in China in the 1920s, before a brand revival in 2006 got them some traction in Europe. You can join the chat over at their Facebook page or check them out in person via their Australian stockists, Tuchuzy (Sydney), Nique (Melbourne) and Brave New World (Perth).

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Camper Together with Bernhard Willhelm

Kate Barnett Reader Find

By Kate Barnett in New Fashion on Monday 26 January 2009

The eagerly anticipated collaboration between Spanish footwear label Camper and Bernhard Willhelm debuted on the catwalk for the designer’s Spring 09 collection. Camper Together fuses the references and inspirations from Willhelm latest collection with Campers’ quality production techniques. Most popular is sure to be Willhelms’ take on the gladiator, with sandals constructed of ribbons and […]

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The eternal search for Ugg Boots, Soho, New York

Zolton Contributor

By Zolton in Cool Travel on Wednesday 31 December 2008

This is the mob scene that was outside the Ugg Boot store on Mercer Street, Soho, yesterday as I made my way through the harping hustle and flow of the downtown post-Christmas shopping crowds. And it’s a pretty familiar sight during winter in New York, with long queues invariably gathered along this stretch of road, waiting impatiently for their own little piece of Down Under warmth. Having never worn Ugg boots, I can’t attest for their ability to keep out the icy chill of a 3pm breeze. But surely the well worn feet of a stampede of New Yorkers can’t be wrong?

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Sequined shoes

Michelle Wilding Reader Find

By Michelle Wilding in New Fashion on Saturday 27 December 2008

Sequined shoes are coming back in because they have the power to transform any outfit from eye-catching to stunning. Sure, a few styles look ridiculously hideous and give you an eighties relapse. But there are actually some decent sequined shoes going around. Check out Pedro Garcia’s Melany sequin peep-toe pump; a satin open-toe Mary-Jane with […]

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Kate Barnett Reader Find

By Kate Barnett in New Fashion on Tuesday 18 November 2008

Created in 2003 as a skateboard footwear brand in Los Angeles, Cipher is now an international urban lifestyle brand offering designer products for an emerging group of global hipsters. Now based in Hong Kong, where metropolitan living manifests the dynamic fusion of East and West culture, Cipher is an expression of life in the brave […]

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Havianas fitted with Swarovski crystals

Michelle Wilding Reader Find

By Michelle Wilding in New Fashion on Friday 14 November 2008

Just when I thought my favourite flip flops couldn’t get any better, Havaiana are still offering their thong straps laced with Swarovski crystals. I reckon the bling bling lover in you won’t mind forking out a little extra moolah if it means adding some sparkle to your Havis.

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Converse artist series

Zolton Contributor

By Zolton in New Fashion on Thursday 30 October 2008

Converse kicks off its hundredth anniversary with 1HUND(RED), a special artist series with proceeds going to the Global Fund. The project is a year-long release of shoes designed by notable artists, including Auckland-based illustrator, Dennis Juan Ma, whose shoe [above] is number twenty in the series.

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Melissa Shoes

Nelson and Nelson Reader Find

By Nelson and Nelson in New Design on Monday 13 October 2008

Melissa Shoes have landed on earth and given the world a rubber shakedown that’s hard to forget. These fascinating pieces of fashion are doing to the catwalks what Haviannas did to the beach, with the Brazilian designer using reformulated rubber to design a shoe that bends, shines and, ultimately, revolutionizes modern women’s footwear. If seeing […]

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Get out of the Garage!

Zolton Contributor

By Zolton in New Prizes on Friday 22 August 2008

Converse and Journeys are running a Get out of the Garage competition, which gives aspiring musicians the opportunity to win flights, three nights in a hotel and free studio time in New York to record a song. And we have a cool prize pack to give away to our subscribers.

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Keep Company

Kate Barnett Reader Find

By Kate Barnett in New Fashion on Wednesday 21 May 2008

No matter what’s going on with your outfit, chances are, if you’ve got good shoes on, you’re okay. Keep Company shoes are only going from strength to strength, bringing out more and shoes apparel that are probably going to ruin my savings account.

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Virtual Shoe Museum

Derrick Stembridge Reader Find

By Derrick Stembridge in Cool Websites on Friday 16 May 2008

The Virtual Shoe Museum was initiated by Liza Snook in 2004. Once the idea was born, a long search began for designers, photographers and publishers connected to shoes. New friendships developed and their mailbox filled with loads of material on fantastic shoes, art and design on shoes. The Shoe featured above is the Electric Light […]

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Rubber Duck shoes

Stacey Howard Reader Find

By Stacey Howard in New Products on Thursday 8 May 2008

Eik Ottosen, the hot Danish model has created Rubber Duck shoes. His Los Drillos come in just about every color and are super comfy and affordable.

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