Florence and the Machine: Shake It Out (SNL)

Milan Topalovic Reader Find

By Milan Topalovic in New Music on Tuesday 31 January 2012

Here is an astounding performance of Shake it Out: captivating, breathtaking and beautiful. I have surrendered my initial apprehension due to Florence Welch’s face-shattering voice and instead embraced it with open arms. I wish to marry her one day.

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Florence and the Machine’s new video: Shake It Out

Christine Utterberg Reader Find

By Christine Utterberg in New Music on Tuesday 1 November 2011

I’m eagerly awaiting the October 31 release of Florence and the Machine’s second album, Ceremonials. And based on the new music video for Shake It Out, it won’t be a disappointment. It beautifully shows off Florence’s theatrical style, with strong lyrics and lush visuals.

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