Internet/Sex: Noah Kalina’s new photography series

Sarah Flora Reader Find

By Sarah Flora in New Photography on Tuesday 10 September 2013

Noah Kalina isn’t just the man who brought you a self-portrait everyday for over ten years. He also takes photographs of other people. His new series, Internet/Sex, juxtaposes lonely computers with time-lapse photos of couples having sex. The photographs of the computers seem more lewd than the sex ones because of the extreme loneliness that […]

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Porn sex vs real sex, explained with food

Low Lai Chow Contributor

By Low Lai Chow in Video on Friday 2 August 2013

Thanks to this entertaining short by production studio Kornhaber Brown that compares porn sex with real sex with the help of carefully curated food ingredients and kitchen appliances, we will never be able to dip bananas in Nutella with a straight face again.

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Street sex micro-sculptures by Mr. Peluche (NSFW)

James Weinert Reader Find

By James Weinert in New Art on Tuesday 13 November 2012

Micro-sculptor Mr. Peluche sure does get me hot under the collar. Peluche, a Berlin street musician, wields his magicians wand and magically captures scenes of street sex that unfold right under ones’ nose. Appealing for their comedic value, his detailed snaps always deserve that second glance, even for those less perverted. Well done, Mr. Peluche, […]

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Black and White and Sex: a new Australian movie

Contributions Reader Find

By Aaron Cameron in New Film on Sunday 18 March 2012

Eight actresses, one woman, and whole lot of sex. Candid and seductive, Angie is determined to set the record straight about sex. As she reveals herself, layer-by-layer, she exposes the man interviewing her. 

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