Epizootics!: music by Scott Walker

Summersteps Records Reader Find

By Summersteps Records in New Music on Thursday 20 December 2012

The enigma of the artist known as Scott Walker has long been a fascination of mine. The lush orchestral sounds of his early work always hits a sweet spot when the cold months of December and snow descend upon the wilds of Pennsylvania.

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The Walker Brothers: The Electrician

Soccer Mom Reader Find

By Soccer Mom in New Music on Monday 5 September 2011

A few years ago I watched the documentary, Scott Walker: 30 Century Man. The film is fascinating and Walker himself is a surprisingly open and gracious interviewee. But for me, the real gem in the movie was first hearing The Electrician. This song’s combination of brooding Berlin-era Bowie ambience and Walker’s bombastic crooner schmaltz just […]

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