New art by South Korean illustrator Young Ju Choi

Mat Miller Reader Find

By Mat Miller in New Illustration on Thursday 26 April 2012

Young Ju Choi is a freelance illustrator from South Korea, currently attending Savannah College of Art and Design. I recently stumbled upon Young Ju’s work and instantly became a fan. If you’re feeling a little down and need some cheering up, then her work will surely remedy you. She uses vibrant washes of colour together with a very distinct drawing style that makes her work accomplished and cute at the same time.

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The awesome sketchbook characters of Dave Valeza

Topher MacDonald Reader Find

By Topher MacDonald in New Illustration on Thursday 6 October 2011

Poignant and well-observed, the characters Dave Valeza creates on a daily basis fill his sketchbooks until there is no room left. Since graduating from SCAD, Valeza has gone on to work on some great comics projects. Also, I love his ongoing series of dude drawings.

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