Water Cathedral in Santiago by GUN Arquitectos

Low Lai Chow Contributor

By Low Lai Chow in Cool Travel on Saturday 14 April 2012

The Water Cathedral in Santiago, Chile, is born from the Young Architects Program that coaxes outdoor installations with shade, seating and water from emerging architects. This installation features white sand-filled fabric bags with a topography of stalagmites.

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Santiago street art by Basco Vazko

Scratch My Nose Reader Find

By Scratch My Nose in New Art on Saturday 17 December 2011

Some of the most startling and original images seen on the streets of Santiago, Chile, are the anthropomorphic creatures of artist Basco Vazko. These surreal creatures seem to have lept out of the story of children’s books mixed and cut-up with medical textbook imagery. One of Basco’s strengths is how he uses the weathered walls not as an accidental background for his work but as integral part of the image.

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Uruguayan songwriter Florencia Nuñez performs Oxímoron

Ernesto Pasarisa Reader Find

By Ernesto Pasarisa in New Music on Thursday 6 October 2011

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of sharing a show with this unknown girl at a library. To be honest, I’ve never heard about her before, but from the moment this twenty year-old girl started singing, I was completely astonished with her voice. After the show, I talked a bit with her and […]

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Santiago street art by Chile Estyle

Scratch My Nose Reader Find

By Scratch My Nose in New Art on Tuesday 4 October 2011

Street art is on every conceivable wall in Santiago. Throw-ups. Stencils. Tags. Stickers. Murals. It even competes with outdoor advertising. Chile Estyle: Historia del Street Art Chile is a documentary which interviews are diverse host of pioneers artists such as Cisco and Basco Vazko, while discussing the importance and legacy of the Romana Parra Brigades murals, which reflect the history of political and social events in Chile.

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Chile’s Santiago a Mil Festival

Jessica Parra Nowajewski Reader Find

By Jessica Parra Nowajewski in Cool Travel on Wednesday 16 December 2009

If you’re going to Santiago, Chile, in January, and you’re a theatre, dance and performing arts lover, you should check out Santiago a Mil, one of the most important festivals in Latin America. It gathers artists from all over the world. 2010 is an especially emotive year because it’s the Bicentenary of the nation. Local […]

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