Zero Motorcycles: an electric motorcycle company

Daniel Blue from Motopony Reader Find

By Daniel Blue from Motopony in New Trends on Friday 15 July 2011

This Santa Cruz-based electric motorcycle company has an all-new 2011 lineup. Yes, they are spendy, and you still can’t get very far between charges (30-60 miles depending on the battery), but the thought of a zero emissions electric pony is thrilling to me.

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Force Fields: An Art Exhibit for the Fight Against Malaria

Nick Arciaga Reader Find

By Nick Arciaga in New Events on Saturday 2 July 2011

I’ve been asked to be in a show happening this Saturday in Santa Monica. It’s a benefit for a group that buys Mosquito nets for people living in Africa. The show has an insane roster of talent, and should be a lot of fun. I made an edition of five sculpture-toys called PIFF (Portable Individual Force Field) Generators for the show. Each PIFF sold buys ten mosquito nets!

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Permanent Food: magazine made from other magazines

Lamia Larkin Reader Find

By Lamia Larkin in New Products on Wednesday 1 December 2010

I first saw Permanent Food magazine while I was in Santa Monica furniture shopping. I walked into the store looking for a new desk but ended up sitting on a overpriced couch flipping through Permanent Food instead.

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Exhibition of crochet coral in Santa Monica

Yuko Shimizu Reader Find

By Yuko Shimizu in New Events on Thursday 15 January 2009

After I posted those awesome Turkish knitted accessories, my illustrator friend Sarajo Frieden sent me a link to a mind-blowing show of knitted coral reefs at Gallery Track 16 in Santa Monica. I wish I could be there to see this in person!

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Andrew Hem

Ilana Kohn Reader Find

By Ilana Kohn in New Art on Thursday 11 September 2008

I’m so digging the work of Santa Monica artist Andrew Hem. Painting seems to have become relegated in the illustration world these days, so I’m pleased to see Hem rocking it in a big way. His bold brushwork, lush colors, puppet-like figures and painted type make for a body of work that really hits the […]

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