The novel way light is brought into Filipino homes

Louise Mills from Frogg Reader Find

By Louise Mills from Frogg in New Trends on Friday 20 January 2012

In San Pedro, the Philippines, a new method has been discovered to provide light in the homes of the townspeople. This luxury that I often take for granted has a crucial effect on daily living, and although the heat from the sun bears down on the outside, the people have been living on the inside […]

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Tatio Geysers

Jessica Parra Nowajewski Reader Find

By Jessica Parra Nowajewski in Cool Travel on Tuesday 22 September 2009

Traveling through the north of Chile, I found a cool place to stay for a couple of months: San Pedro de Atacama. San Pedro is located in the middle of the Atacama Desert, the most arid desert in the world. With no more than three thousand local population, which increases to six thousand with foreign workers and tourists, this old Atacamenian village mixes five star hotels with small backpackers, trekking excursions, volcano climbing and trucks, with which to cross the amazing alti-planic landscape, looking for archaeological pre-Inca locations and geological formations that give us astonishing colors and unique formations.

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