These awesomely geeky photos explain why you need to go to next year’s Comic Con

Rachel Oakley Contributor

By Rachel Oakley in New Events on Friday 17 July 2015

Every year San Diego comes alive with pop culture heroes at Comic Con, with the most diehard fans dressing up to steal the limelight. If these photos are anything to go by, this annual festival is just getting bigger and better every single year.

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The bizarre yet strangely awesome costumes of Comic-Con 2014 in photographs

Milo Sumner Contributor

By Milo Sumner in New Events on Saturday 26 July 2014

Comic-Con 2014 has officially kicked off at the San Diego Convention centre. For those who may never have heard of the phenomenon, Comic-Con is a bizarre yet strangely awesome annual event that brings together a whole host of peoples. From cos-players (those guys who get really really really into their costumes) to comic-book recluses, they […]

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I Am Not A Hipster: Watch this film, even if you hate hipsters

Brad Lamers Reader Find

By Brad Lamers in New Film on Tuesday 12 February 2013

Many things can fuel an artist to create. I Am Not A Hipster follows a singer-songwriter on his cathartic quest to write songs after the death of his mother. This film is an interesting look at the personal struggles of the creative process, all set in the unique world of the San Diego art scene. […]

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Casa Artelexia celebrates the Day of the Dead

Scott Tulay Reader Find

By Scott Tulay in New Art on Monday 3 September 2012

Casa Artelexia, a father and daughter business located in San Diego, recently moved to a new location in the design section of Little Italy North. All the goods are from Mexico, with a great selection of colorful handmade artisan items ranging from wooden milagro crosses, Mexican wrestler masked piggy banks, to a wide variety of paper mache skulls celebrating the Day of the Dead. On my recent visit, I was told the website will soon be updated to include more merchandise, so feel free to contact the owners for any items photographed.

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OBR Architecture in San Diego

Michael Carini Reader Find

By Michael Carini in Architecture on Thursday 30 August 2012

OBR Architecture has not only developed a reputation for their avante garde architectural projects, but also for their support of the visual arts. As a regular participant and contributor to Ray At Night, a monthly art event held in San Diego (CA), OBR provides a foundation of cultural support for us all to build upon and grow from. Receptions are held the second Saturday of every month and accompanied by local vendors, food, and musical talent.

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TOTEM: Cirque du Soleil in San Diego

Tristan Rayner Editor

By Tristan Rayner in New Events on Friday 11 May 2012

Cirque du Soleil is an event shrouded in Franco-Canadian mystery. If you haven’t been, you wonder if a synthesis of circus styles could really reduce people to babbling superlatives when they return. Or if they’ve been bought. This isn’t a normal show of strength, flexibility or prowess. It’s a full five degrees of difficulty more than anything you can expect. Think one-footed unicyclists flipping metal bowls from their spare leg onto the head of another smiling-peddling-balancing-bowl-catching rider. Add costumes, colour, light and music, and you’re only starting to get warm to the spectacle that is Cirque. Read on for more images and a special offer.

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Little Bang Theory: a photo blog about New England

Damon Christopher Wallace Reader Find

By Damon Christopher Wallace in Cool Websites on Friday 13 January 2012

I am guilty of romanticizing New England. I daydream about milking goats by a waterfall in the autumn while snacking on Vermont cheddar. Perhaps this explains why I’m drawn to the blog Little Bang Theory written by The Cunning Runt, a photographer living in the hills of Western Massachusetts. It’s through his photographs and travels […]

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Beach 2011: the joys of a first time sea change

Contributions Reader Find

By Jeff Katz in Video on Saturday 13 August 2011

Do you remember the first time you went to the beach? This is three year-old Nicole’s first time ever playing at the beach. I don’t remember my first time in the sand or water, but I can only hope that I had this much fun! On a technical note, this was shot entirely on the […]

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Awesome coverage of Comic-Con 2011 by Wired

Agent X Reader Find

By Agent X in New Events on Thursday 4 August 2011

Comic-Con is a visual and media extravaganza in San Diego for the finest in sci-fi, animation, film and video games. This is the Mardi Gras for nerds and I love it. This year’s Con was amazing, from the preview of Ridley Scott new film, Prometheus, to the Frank Miller comedy, Holy Terror, and even a […]

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Reality TV as an art project in San Diego

Contributions Reader Find

By Katherine Sweetman in Video on Wednesday 20 July 2011

Extraction: SDAWI aims to promote integration and cross-pollination between the many diverse groups of artists in the San Diego and Tijuana area. By co-opting the model used in reality TV, the Agitprop team aims to experiment with pop culture media communication and potentially reach a different and wider audience than might be available with other […]

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Punk collective Di Nigunim’s Fascist Degradation

Contributions Reader Find

By Katherine Sweetman in New Music on Friday 19 November 2010

Di Nigunim is an anarcho-klezmer punk collective from San Diego. Politically and musically radical, Di Nigunim plays an intense brand of punk rock inspired by traditional Jewish music and employing an expansive rotating roster of musicians who rip shit up on accordion, piano, sax, trumpet, and drums.

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Kristina Collantes

Zolton Editor

By Zolton in New Photography on Wednesday 16 April 2008

Kristina Collantes is a freelance illustrator and photographer living in San Diego and specializing in patternwork illustration and textile designs.

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