Detroit house painting by RETNA, Richard Colman

Daniel Fletcher Reader Find

By Daniel Fletcher in Cool Travel on Wednesday 27 October 2010

When i was a kid, I thought graffiti was awesome. Not much has changed. I also thought it would be awesome to paint my parent’s living room. They refused, repeatedly. RETNA and Richard Colman probably shared the same dream. Only, in place of the Black Flag bars that would’ve landed me in military school, they dreamed in lush calligraphy and bold geometrics.

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Richard Colman

Dalek Reader Find

By Dalek in New Art on Wednesday 22 July 2009

Richard Colman is one hell of an awesome human being. I go back and forth on whether or not I enjoyed him more in his drinking days or post drinking days. I guess there are pros and cons to both scenarios. He is a very talented man and a close friend. We have exchanged ideas […]

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