Japanese dental students practice technique on sex dolls

Zolton Editor

By Zolton in New Trends on Saturday 10 December 2011

From the WTF files, some dental students in Japan are practicising their oral techniques, as well as their people skills, on hapless Sex Dolls created by Yoshida Dental Manufacturing. The Hanako Showa 2 comes complete with tongue and cheeks (tongue in cheek?) and punctuates its time in the dental chair with an array of human […]

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Roxxy, the world’s most advanced sex-bot

Melissa Banigan Reader Find

By Melissa Banigan in New Products on Tuesday 2 February 2010

Unlike a Park Avenue trophy wife, which can only be bought for millions of dollars, TrueCompanion can find you a lovely lady for a mere $7,000. Meet Roxxxy, the world’s most advanced sex-bot. She makes conversation, and her skin — made from hypo-allergenic silicone — is warm to the touch. Roxxxy also bends in all […]

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