Candyfall: a public art installation in Nottingham

Cat Madeira Reader Find

By Cat Madeira in New Art on Friday 12 October 2012

Candyfall is a public art installation in Nottingham. I was inspired by liquorice allsorts sweets, their simple shapes and bold colours. The five giant ‘sweets’ made of fiberglass injected the park with some needed colour and use. It is also used as urban furniture as they were designed to be sat on and enjoyed. It is quite surreal to have bright coloured giant sweets in a park, and it will hopefully make people who see it smile.

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Mark Jenkins’ illicit street installations

Paul Ryan Reader Find

By Paul Ryan in New Events on Friday 10 April 2009

American installation artist Mark Jenkins sees public space as a battleground on which advertisers and artists are all competing for visual space. His illegal street art installations, human casts made from packing tape placed in public spaces around Washington, are designed to awaken passers-by from the comfort of their daily activities. Each lonely figure invites a response in the urban jungle, forcing those who see them to confront the thin veneer of civility that hides their inner-being. His work is in the same mold as that of New York-based street artist, Joshua Allen Harris.

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