Your dog will never forgive you if you use the Woof Washer on him

Rachel Oakley Contributor

By Rachel Oakley in Video on Monday 20 July 2015

If you don’t live with dogs, you probably think bath time for Fido is a piece of cake. But it takes many pieces of cake to get Fido in that bathtub because he won’t get washed unless there’s a lot of bribery.

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Sanitize those dirty hands with this futuristic faucet

Rachel Oakley Contributor

By Rachel Oakley in New Products on Thursday 16 July 2015

The problem of living in a big city? Germs, everywhere. On the subway poles. On the door handles. On the table at the local diner. Bacteria is lurking and you can’t escape! But there’s a new futuristic way to wash those hands and it doesn’t involve touching a single thing. Thank goodness.

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Guys, want to sneak your own booze anywhere? The Beer Belly is your answer

Low Lai Chow Contributor

By Low Lai Chow in New Products on Thursday 29 May 2014

How marvelous: some smartass out there decided to take the idea of the infamous beer belly back full circle by designing an actual wearable beer belly for secretly storing up to 80 oz of your preferred beverage around your waist. Meant to be worn under clothing, you’d either look like a guy with a beer […]

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Weird Stuff Australia: selling you ‘weird stuff’

Cormack O'Connor Contributor

By Cormack O'Connor in Cool Websites on Thursday 31 January 2013

If you’re in need of a quirky gift or just feel like splashing out and spoiling yourself a little, you should check out Australian website Weird Stuff. Selling everything from Edgar Allan Poe figurines to Silver Bullet Werewolf Protection Mints, the site is sure to have a humorous and unusual gift for even the most […]

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BirdProject: handmade soaps to benefit the birds

Contributions Reader Find

By Mallory in New Products on Monday 20 June 2011

BirdProject soaps are handmade in New Orleans and filled with a ceramic bird at center, which remains as a keepsake once the outer soap has been washed away. Created to be a powerful representation of all creatures affected by the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Disaster, 50 percent of profits from the sale of these […]

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Not Quite Art, series two

Zolton Editor

By Zolton in New Events on Friday 31 October 2008

There’s an interview with myself and my Lost At E Minor co-founder, Zac, on the latest installment of the always interesting and insightful Not Quite Art television series. In it, we speak about the changing landscape of global popular culture in this increasingly digitial age. Bear in mind when watching it that my interview was […]

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