Manuel Pablo Pace

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By Manuel Pablo Pace in New Art on Wednesday 29 February 2012

In an alchemic and cinematographic dynamic, Manuel Pablo Pace selects social players to portray, putting them in a kind of temporal suspension that omits impending tragedies. Pictorial frame full of silence and humanness, children’s games worried by the certainty of death. And the film has not yet begun.

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Aaron Smith’s portraits of vintage men

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By Abel Macias in New Art on Saturday 7 January 2012

Artist Aaron Smith creates manly portraits of men that existed back in the old days. His bright colors give these vintage men a fresh look. I saw one of his recent shows in New York and the surface of his paintings are thick with textured paint. Wonderful work.

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Art Of Our Human Skin exhibition on Eclectix

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By Artpusher in New Events on Wednesday 26 January 2011

Eclectix has a great online exhibition up with art related to flesh. Human flesh, that is! Portraits, figurative works, skin art, you name it, with works including Heidi Taillefer’s surreal bodies, Sean Cheetham’s gorgeous portraits, and Ron Mueck’s giants.

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