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The famous interview between David Frost and Richard Nixon has recently received renewed media attention following its twentieth anniversary. Those not willing to sit through hours of unedited footage though, … Read more

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Lost In The Bushes

The very talented Jess Snow, the first video artist to be featured by Female Persuasion — the original site for provocative and political female artists — created this ethereal short … Read more

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Amateur portraits of Barack Obama

It’s been a while since we’ve had a global leader who also happens to be a folk hero. The amateur portraits of our new Commander-in-Chief posted at the <a href=” … Read more

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Obama Action Figure

Sure, President Obama is just as human as the rest of us, and there is a certain excessiveness to the extent to which he’s been idealized, but I’d rather have … Read more

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Dennis Boyle’s poster artwork

I love the dramatically flecked colored tones and sense of playful discontent about the poster artwork of Vancouver-based designer, Dennis Boyle. Of this series, he says: ‘They are different social … Read more

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Breakup of the USA

Russian political science professor Igor Panarin recently caused a bit of a stir, predicting that the US will break apart in 2010, when the current financial crisis will have resulted … Read more

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