Tribal portrait photography by Namsa Leuba

Arid House Reader Find

By Arid House in New Photography on Wednesday 2 May 2012

Namsa Leuba’s latest photographic series, YaKalaBen, has us captivated. Similar to Phyllis Galembo’s fantastic photobook, Maske, it focuses on unusual and interesting tribal attire. The details, textures, colours and shapes in the ritualistic costumes are really emphasised through Leuba’s stunning portraits.

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Chase Jarvis’ Seattle 100: A Portrait of a City

Contributions Reader Find

By Alex Lee in New Photography on Monday 14 February 2011

Seattle 100: Portrait of a City is in itself a humane blueprint to what is a rustling architecture. With the city as the basic foundation, 100 is the three-years long effort by renowned photographer, filmmaker and Seattle native, Chase Jarvis.

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