Presenting the most beautiful people on the planet (according to a study, anyway)

Rachel Oakley Contributor

By Rachel Oakley in News on Tuesday 7 April 2015

Using a special program ordinarily reserved for British cops to catch criminals, people have come up with the most beautiful couple in the world, both featuring the most attractive facial features. The program used was called the EFIT-V PhotoFit program which produce facial composites for police forces around the globe.

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Somebody proved that smart people listen to Radiohead

Low Lai Chow Contributor

By Low Lai Chow in New Music on Friday 21 November 2014

Software app writer Virgil Griffith is a man with a mission: for seven long years, he has been charting musical tastes based on average SAT scores of college students with correlated Facebook data.

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Cats taking a stab at contemporary dance with human companions

Low Lai Chow Contributor

By Low Lai Chow in New Trends on Saturday 8 November 2014

Anyone remember that gem of a book, Why Cats Paint? As it turns out, the same authors, Burton Silver and Heather Busch went on to publish another coffee table book, Dancing With Cats, documenting just that: humans dancing with cats.

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Terracotta Daughters by French artist Prune Nourry

Michael Amter Contributor

By Michael Amter in New Art on Wednesday 23 October 2013

Terracotta Daughters is the profound work of French artist Prune Nourry. Over one hundred clay Chinese Schoolgirls imitating the famous archeological discovery of the Terracotta Soldiers of Xi’an are on display with Gallery Magda Danysz in Shanghai. Prune’s ambitious sculptural work contemplates China’s female social status, as well as it’s infamous one-child policy, symbolizing millions […]

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All the world’s 7 billion people on one single page

Lai Chow Reader Find

By Lai Chow in New Art on Tuesday 8 October 2013

There are now 7 billion people in the world. If you can’t visualize that, check out the 7 Billion People on 1 Page site, where you can see every single person on the planet on the page. Created by online reference resource Worldometers, the design follows the original color convention of the 5 Olympic rings: […]

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Illustrations by Pink Paper Circus

Danielle Buerli Reader Find

By Danielle Buerli in New Illustration on Thursday 12 September 2013

Pink Paper Circus’s illustration work is full of wonderful raw accidents and textures. I really enjoy the mixture of patterns with observational drawings. It reminds me of how fun sitting down with a paper and a box of new pencils can be.

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Windy Cindy: introducing People Get Ready

Cormack O'Connor Contributor

By Cormack O'Connor in New Music on Saturday 29 September 2012

New York has been pumping out some really interesting bands and artists of late: Vampire Weekend, Sleigh Bells and Azealia Banks, to name a few. So of course a new four piece from Brooklyn called People Get Ready has caught our attention. They are a combination of talents: founding member Steven Reker has toured as […]

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Street photography by Leanne Carter

Contributions Reader Find

By Leanne Carter in New Photography on Saturday 30 July 2011

Life is full of these magical moments with unique characters which can often can be lost because it belonged to a space in time which is quicker than an eye but luckily isn’t quicker than a camera. It’s fascinating to be able to capture these moments and bare witness to them, especially when the world around you talks so grey, as if there is no magic or uniqueness.

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De Kwok

Contributions Reader Find

By De in New Photography on Thursday 17 March 2011

De Kwok is a photographer based out of San Francisco whose work is inspired by friends, lovers, places, small moments and life in big cities.

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