Kelly Smith

Jo Spurling Reader Find

By Jo Spurling in New Illustration on Friday 14 November 2008

Beautiful, delicate, fragile, a little bit collage, a little bit sketchfull. This is the work of Kelly Smith. Combining several mediums in a collaborative expose between pencil, paint and print to create timeless works of elegant splendour, it is easy to compare Smith’s works to the last snowflake of winter, fleeting but real, avoiding the […]

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Jenny Morsell sharpens her pencils

Zolton Editor

By Zolton in New Illustration on Saturday 2 August 2008

We checked in with Swedish illustrator Jenny Mortsell recently and asked her whether her work space was strictly conducive to productivity, or inspiration, or both? ‘The biggest pro is that it is a method for me to get dressed before noon, as opposed to when I used to work from home. Even though it is one of the few privileges you have as a freelancer to get properly dressed whenever you want, it’s nice to look presentable to other people once in a while. It’s practical in the way that I have my scanner, printer, and cinema display, which I need for work, there, and inspiring in the sense that I share it with some fantastic people: Sara Teleman, Erica Jacobsson, Bo Lundberg, Otto Degerman, Jens Magnusson, Jan Cafourek, Johan Lindh and Sabina Wroblewski-Gustrin. Because of them, it is also a much more organized place than I could ever manage to maintain by myself, which helps if you want to get work done instead of cleaning up after your latest experiments’.

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