One dad got fed up with his teens and made a how-to video to show them how to change the toilet roll!

Rachel Oakley Contributor

By Rachel Oakley in Video on Friday 5 September 2014

Will Reed was so fed up with his teenage kids not pulling their weight at home that he decided to do something about it. And where else would you turn in the digital age to get your message across than YouTube? His very first instructional video (which we hope is one of many) is how to change the toilet roll in the bathroom. Simple, right? [watch the instructional video here]

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Passive-Aggressive Notes

Chad Little Reader Find

By Chad Little in Cool Websites on Saturday 17 March 2012

This little gem of a website features pictures of cheeky and hilarious notes written in various everyday situations. The whole ‘taking pictures of notes’ has been trending pretty hard lately. Spanning from clever to hateful, there are some goods here for just about anyone. Sticks and stones can break your bones, and words can shatter your pride.

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