Incredible 3D paper masterpieces by Peter Callesen

Marta Millere Contributor

By Marta Millere in New Art on Tuesday 20 May 2014

Danish artist Peter Callesen creates amazing 3D pieces, which he cuts out of paper, leaving it impeccably clean and white, as if a sheet of paper had given birth to something beautiful. Some might consider a black sheet of paper a material of the poor. In Callesen’s hands it transforms into the highest quality Italian […]

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Mirrored Book Sculptures by Bronia Sawyer

Contributions Reader Find

By Ann Martin in New Art on Monday 15 October 2012

Paper artist and photographer Bronia Sawyer’s latest work is titled Live Breath Art. A collection in progress, it features body parts – lungs, pelvis, and spine, so far – that she has sculpted from rolled pages of old books, inked, lit with colored torches, photographed, and manipulated to create an homage to positive health.

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Large-scale paper installation by Benja Harney

Rebekah Rhoden Contributor

By Rebekah Rhoden in New Art on Friday 31 August 2012

Benja Harney is a self-taught paper engineer based in Sydney, and he creates beautiful and complex works of art from a very delicate medium. Harney has been engineering high-quality pop-up books and paper constructions for the past six years, and his work is now on display in the Queen Victoria Building. Large, vibrant sculptures of lush foliage, blossoms, butterflies, dragon flies, and bees are suspended from the central dome of the building. This is Harney’s largest and most ambitious installation, and it is on display until the end of September.

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