Unbelievably detailed and delicate traditional costumes made entirely of paper

Kenny Ong Contributor

By Kenny Ong in New Fashion on Thursday 27 November 2014

There are paper cuts (BIG OUCH) and there are paper cuts the likes of these unbelievable paper costumes we’ve never ever seen before. They are the painstaking work of Russia-based artist Asya Kozina, who is fascinated with the idea that ethnic wedding dresses are slowly but surely losing their cool with your typical bride lusting after a Vera Wang.

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Extraordinary moving paper models by Keisuke Saka

Marcin Schleifer Reader Find

By Marcin Schleifer in New Art on Friday 13 September 2013

These days, plastic materials are dominating, so it’s all the more valuable that Keisuke Saka returns to traditional paper. Moving paper models are like old school toys: they have a simple mechanism. And they are published as a book, so anyone can fold them.

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Bovey Lee’s Intricate Papercuts

Nini Baseema Contributor

By Nini Baseema in New Art on Wednesday 8 September 2010

Bovey Lee is a full-time artist, living and working in Philadelphia. Originally from Hong Kong, Lee creates highly intricate paper-cuts on rice paper by hand (no laser cutting machines involved) and then backs them with silk.

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Papercut Lashes

Clare Hillier Reader Find

By Clare Hillier in New Design on Tuesday 18 May 2010

Inspired by the traditional Chinese craft of paper-cutting, these lashes by Paperself are as intricate as they are delicately pretty. Available in three styles — horses, peonies and peach blossoms which symbolise success, happiness and love respectively.

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