Step into these paintings by Anna Kristensen, literally

Deanne Cheuk Reader Find

By Deanne Cheuk in New Art on Friday 8 February 2013

Anna Kristensen’s photo-realistic panoramic oil painting installation, Indian Chamber, is a purpose built structure which brings the viewer into the painting for a fully immersive experience. Kristensen’s painting of the Jenolan Caves (an open cave system near Sydney) is a highly detailed 360 degree view with no beginning or end.

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Kim Cogan

Gerry Mak Reader Find

By Gerry Mak in New Art on Thursday 17 September 2009

Kim Cogan is a dude. See, in Asia, surnames come first. Kim was born in Korea. Therefore, Kim is his family name. Kim makes panoramic paintings of city skylines. We sure do love skylines. They remind us of the vast protective shell of civilization that surrounds us, sheltering us from dirty dirty nature.

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