Forty Five: new music video by KOORTWAH

Christopher Stribley Reader Find

By Christopher Stribley in Video on Wednesday 7 August 2013

New York based artist, KOORTWAH, has just unveiled a stunning new video for his song Forty Five. Its bleak, sexually charged imagery, paired with Jake Courtois’ monotone recitation, haunting howls, and soaring falsetto, make for a stimulating piece that lingers in your mind long after the last flicker of the KOORTWAH logo. Black and white images of […]

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This sun halo appeared over New York skies last week

Low Lai Chow Contributor

By Low Lai Chow in New Events on Monday 20 May 2013

A sun halo appeared over the skies of New York earlier this week, and we found some arresting photographs of the amazing weather phenomenon floating around on PetaPixel. The images were taken by photographer Richard Silver.

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Schemers: a new song from New York band Skaters

Katie Heathcote Reader Find

By Katie Heathcote in New Music on Thursday 26 April 2012

Skaters is a band born from New York’s hub of indie and garage rock greatness. They have a new track, Schemers, which bursts with sharp, well-defined riffs and smooth, charismatic vocals. The bridge of the song is a highlight as the pace slows right down and you’re left with beautiful, atmospheric guitars caressing you all over.

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Awesome video for new DDIILLIIAANN song

Contributions Reader Find

By dilian in New Music on Wednesday 3 August 2011

Based in Brooklyn, DDIILLIIAANN likes traditional ways of structuring songs as much as deconstructing them. Live shows tend to be fun, including great collaborators on different sound making devices and mathematical equations.

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