OCC vegan make-up

Notic Nastic Reader Find

By Notic Nastic in New Trends on Monday 3 October 2011

NOTIC NASTIC are true chameleons and love to play around with latex costumes, light reflective masks and crazy make up. There are endless possibilities with vegan make-up brand OCC. We love their products because everything is 100% cruelty free. And they have lip tar in pretty much every color you can imagine.

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Free electronic music release from Notic Nastic

Contributions Reader Find

By NN in New Music on Thursday 19 May 2011

Notic Nastic is an anonymous electronic music machine comprised of neon fantasy geeks from New York and Berlin. Based in Berlin, they produce music that could be described as pumping, popped out, strangely addictive electronic bon-bons. Check out their latest free release. More than 30 minutes of new sounds from the band. The quiet start […]

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