Williston: a film about the real North Dakota oil boom

Colin Archdeacon Reader Find

By Colin Archdeacon in New Film on Thursday 13 June 2013

Oil: it runs your car, it makes men rich, and it starts wars. But sometimes the effect it has on small communities is the most provocative. After reading a bevy of contradictory media coverage of the current oil boom in North Dakota, my friend Skyler Swezy and I decided to head out to the prairie […]

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North Dakota photographer Jay Earl Miller

Sabrina Hornung Reader Find

By Sabrina Hornung in New Photography on Friday 30 March 2012

Jay Earl Miller is a tall drink of water hailing from Fargo, North Dakota, and works for the independent weekly High Plains Reader. He scours the North Dakota prairie in search of interesting and ironic compositions.

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Such a Beautiful Day: an animated film by Don Hertzfeld

Sabrina Hornung Reader Find

By Sabrina Hornung in New Film on Thursday 29 March 2012

Don Hertzfeld is a talented young animator who graced this year’s Fargo Film Festival. Not only did his 23 minute animated film, It’s Such a Beautiful Day, win him an award for best director, he’s also won awards at festivals in Montreal and Australia. He uses a traditional antique 35mm animation stand (one of the […]

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