Belljar cafe in Sydney’s Newtown

Zac Zavos Reader Find

By Zac in Cool Travel on Thursday 3 March 2011

Amongst the most important luxuries in my life are great coffee, chilled atmosphere, and compelling design. The guys at Belljar coffee, in Sydney’s Newtown, have combined them perfectly into their new cafe in Alice street, just off bustling King street.

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Sabbaba launch, Sydney

Michelle Wilding Reader Find

By Michelle Wilding in New Events on Friday 17 December 2010

Mouth-watering food, graffitied interior, hot tunes … why wouldn’t you want to eat at Sabbaba’s latest restaurant in Newtown? Bang Gang DJ Jamie Doom and DJ Samir entertained everybody’s ears at the King Street grand opening last week as we sampled the finest Middle Eastern delicacies.

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James Freiberg solo show at Sydney’s Oh Really Gallery

Contributions Reader Find

By Reese Geronimo in New Events on Saturday 27 November 2010

James Freiberg’s use of a loose painting style combines cultural pop icons and classic still life studies. Of his art, he says: ‘I paint to visually entertain. Organised chaos is an element of my works, some more so than others’. Freiberg’s style is emotional and compelling and has recently become highly collectable, as he’s exhibited […]

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Sydney’s Corridor Bar

Nikki Savvides Reader Find

By Nikki Savvides in Cool Travel on Thursday 26 August 2010

I’ve always thought it strange that Sydney’s grungily trendy and alcohol soaked Newtown has fewer than it’s fair share of cool little bars. There’s Madame Fling Flong’s, if you can find it, and Kuleto’s, if you make it in time for two-for-one cocktail hour. But just the other day I realised that there, smack back in the middle of the action, was a new small bar called Corridor.

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Luca Sir Vine’s Sydney street art

Michelle Wilding Reader Find

By Michelle Wilding in Cool Travel on Wednesday 28 April 2010

This is the work of Luca Sir Vine. You can catch him merrily painting away in Sydney on Newtown Station’s pavement as he randomly sells his work to locals passing by. He’s been selling his work on local streets for the past thirteen years, with prices starting at just $25.

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Sydney’s Satellite Espresso

This Island Life Contributor

By This Island Life in Cool Travel on Thursday 24 December 2009

Take a detour off Newtown’s main drag and you’ll find more than just unaffordable terraces and a place to park your car. The corner of Wilson and Brown is home to Satellite Espresso and one of the most impressive breakfast menus we’ve seen in a while. Step out of your egg and bacon comfort zone because there are more delicious options, like the fried herbed mash with kassler (double-smoked pork loins), homemade relish and rocket.

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