French daily strips its pictures out to highlight need for real photography

Low Lai Chow Contributor

By Low Lai Chow in New Photography on Tuesday 19 November 2013

French newspaper Libération recently replaced all the pictures of its Nov 14 edition with white space to illustrate just how important good photography is at a time when everyone is taking pictures. As the paper explained, ‘To choose Paris Photo’s opening day to ‘install’ these white images highlights our commitment to photography. It’s not a […]

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Salvador Diaz’s paintings on newspaper

Mareike Muller Contributor

By Mareike Muller in New Art on Wednesday 5 September 2012

By discovering the work of Mexican artist Salvador Diaz all of the sudden, reading the newspaper becomes very inspiring and colourful. His way of intervening with the articles and at the same time demonstrating his great talent for painting seems to be the perfect mixture: Beautiful pieces of art which at the same time transport a message to the spectator. 

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The man who wanted to be a Rockefeller

Yuko Shimizu Reader Find

By Yuko Shimizu in New Trends on Tuesday 26 August 2008

There’s a story in the news in New York at the moment that’s more interesting than any movie I’ve seen, book I’ve read, or reality show I’ve watched. It all revolves around a man who calls himself Clark Rockefeller, aka Christopher Chichester, whose actual name is Christian Gerhartsreiter, and who comes from a small town in Germany before moving to America and living a life of deception. Confused? Well, get this: he became someone he never was for more than twenty years.

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Mark Bittman at TED

Gerry Mak Reader Find

By Gerry Mak in New Trends on Monday 23 June 2008

New York Times writer Mark Bittman is a renegade foodie who, with his books and Minimalist video blog, demystifies food much to the chagrin of many a professional chef. Of late, he’s been promoting Michael Pollan-style food ethics.

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