Bar Petite in Newcastle

Tristan Rayner Editor

By Tristan Rayner in New Food and Packaging on Thursday 9 February 2012

Newcastle is developing its reputation as being a major hub (out of Sydney) for emerging art and culture. Along with that, the bar scene is slowly transforming from loud mega-pubs to small, dark, intimate spots, slightly off the beaten path and all done with style and pizzaz. Bar Petite is a new establishment close to Newcastle beach, housing a mix of French colonial touches, a polished timber bar and a modern Australian menu. The atmosphere is relaxed, the meals a mix of tasty snacks and larger mains, and the wine menu draws on the best of local Hunter Valley drops. I ate there a few weeks back and was particularly impressed by the cosmopolitan decor and the pleasantly adventurous flavouring of the foods.

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Newcastle’s One Tree Coffee Co.

The Urban Grocer Contributor

By The Urban Grocer in New Food and Packaging on Wednesday 27 April 2011

It is the perfect summer morning pick-me-up: iced coffee. Cold, refreshing, caffeinated. Pour it over ice, mix in a touch of milk, perhaps a dash of sugar and you’re ready to begin the day. Happily, coffee companies around the world seemed to have caught on to the love for this cool cuppa and it’s now finding its into bottles from Portland to Australia for your immediate drinking pleasure.
Enter One Tree Coffee Co.

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