Photographs of explosions by Geoffrey Short

Jo Bradford Reader Find

By Jo Bradford in New Photography on Wednesday 25 January 2012

Using fossil fuels and gunpowder, and aided by film industry special effects technicians, Geoffrey Short created and photographed explosions as a way of ‘exploring the relationship between terror and the sublime’. Shot in New Zealand, each explosion is created mid air to minimise the effects and damage to the environment.

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Photos of New Zealand by MikoNobu Komatsu

Agnes Samour Reader Find

By Agnes Samour in New Photography on Wednesday 7 December 2011

Japanese photographer MikiNobu Komatsu, who has travelled extensively in New Zealand for years, presents a stunning book of images and poetry in her book, Light Moods South. His photographs are sometimes reminiscent of paintings, with a discerning use of light and delicate compositions and atmosphere.

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