Incredible Bongo Band: Apache

Dave McGowan Reader Find

By Dave McGowan in New Music on Sunday 8 January 2012

I was working in New York in the early seventies, walked into a club, and heard this. It’s been in my head ever since. I knew the song because it had been launched in the UK by The Shadows some ten years earlier, but this blew it away. Africa Bambaataa and Kool Herc and others […]

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Agnes Samour Reader Find

By Agnes Samour in New Trends on Tuesday 3 January 2012

If you’d like to expand your social network, not in front of your computer but over a delicious meal, then try Colunching. After huge success in New York and Paris, the trend is now expanding to Australia. It’s totally free to join and you can become an organiser, choosing your favourite restaurant or just participate […]

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Dances of Vice: a New York nightlife sensation

Christopher Stribley Reader Find

By Christopher Stribley in New Events on Tuesday 3 January 2012

Do you ever get bored of just going out to the same old clubs and events and wish for something with a little more pizazz? Shien Lee, the glamourous mastermind behind Dances of Vice knows just how you feel. Since 2007, Shien has been bringing her sparkle to the nightlife of New York, to create fun, memorable events that attract people from all walks of life.

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Phillip Kalantzis-Cope’s On The Plane series

Contributions Reader Find

By Tamsyn in New Photography on Wednesday 7 December 2011

For many of us the act of traveling by air — whilst not a daily activity — is now a regular part of our lives. Whether it be for pleasure or business, this very unnatural experience of being transported from country to country, or even continent-to-continent, at speeds of many hundreds of miles and hour, has become an accepted part of our social life.

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Hiding music all around the world

Contributions Reader Find

By Owen Duff in New Music on Tuesday 6 December 2011

Bored of the too-easy point/click way we find new music, I decided to make my own songs harder and more interesting to get hold of. I spent a year hiding CDs with my music on in cities around the world (with a little help from friends). I filmed the whole thing, including the responses I […]

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Oasis Clubhouse: a new project by Chef Felix

The Urban Grocer Contributor

By The Urban Grocer in New Food and Packaging on Tuesday 6 December 2011

Any tried and true foodie in Buenos Aires is an assiduous follower of Chef Diego Felix’s’ closed door restaurant, Casa Felix. Typically, however, his inspired pescatarian eats are only available a few months out of the year in Buenos Aires while the rest of the time, the Felix clan travels through Argentina, San Francisco, New York, Puerto Rico, and Latin America, generally, hosting closed door diners around the world. Luckily for all of us here in Buenos Aires, his contemporary yet distinctively regional fare can now be found in private events around the city as well thanks to the super exclusive Oasis Clubhouse.

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MoMA’s Department of Advertising and Graphic Design

Rani Nugraha Reader Find

By Rani Nugraha in New Trends on Thursday 24 November 2011

When you’re an established creative space considered to be one of the most significant art institutions of the modern era, it would seem a little superfluous to commission a commercial advertising agency to execute your design and promotional work, right? That would be why the Museum of Modern Art in New York has their own […]

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Illustrated Kids Go Travel Guides

Contributions Reader Find

By Stuart Hellier in Cool Travel on Friday 4 November 2011

I really like the illustrator Tania Willis’ work and now she’s teamed up with Mio Debnam to produce these kid’s guide books. Avoiding the trap of thinking parents know best, they’ve asked kids in the various locations what their favourite days out, experiences, food, and so on are. So far they’ve covered Bali, Sydney, Hong Kong, Phuket, London and New York. My lad gives it 5 stars after a recent trip to Bali.

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Yuri Leonov

Louis Spano Reader Find

By Louis Spano in New Art on Tuesday 1 November 2011

I have seen recent work of Yuri Leonov at the White Rabbit Lounge in New York and was completely mystified. He is tremendously talented, both traditionally and conceptually.

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Famous Photographers Tell How: Weegee

Horatio Baltz Reader Find

By Horatio Baltz in New Photography on Friday 28 October 2011

Weegee’s harrowing images of life and death in 1930s New York were given added depth after I listened to his recording on the 1958 record “Famous Photographers Tell How“. Weegee describes his techniques, divulges charming anecdotes, and makes some truly illuminating metaphors about his style of picture making. He describes what he said to a captured jewel thief to convince her to pose for a picture.

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The High Line

Scott Ogden Reader Find

By Scott Ogden in Architecture on Wednesday 14 September 2011

Section 2 of this new-ish New York park will be opening to the public this month. If the first expanse of this park, which is housed on reclaimed elevated train tracks that were originally constructed in the 1930’s, is any indication, this will continue to be one of the City’s most interesting and unique settings.

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Tube Crush: find your public transport crush

Bridget Barnett Contributor

By Bridget Barnett in Cool Websites on Thursday 8 September 2011

One of things I love about living in a big city like London or New York is that there is always something new to check out. Generally, that something tends to be an attractive man. Actually, he doesn’t even need to be that attractive. Checking out guys is just kind of fun when you are a sweaty, over-crowded central bound train at 8am in the morning and you need to find away to pass the time.

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Man walks around Manhattan with cat on his head

Casper Johansson Reader Find

By Casper Johansson in New Trends on Thursday 11 August 2011

Only in New York! I encountered this guy, and his friendly, well-balanced cat Nicholas, yesterday at the intersection of Houston and Broadway where he was only too happy to pose for a photo in exchange for a crisp dollar bill. Wonder if Nicholas got to spend any of it?

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Making empathy permanent through tattoos

Contributions Reader Find

By Jenn in New Design on Saturday 6 August 2011

People care about a world crisis, until the next thing comes along. The Social Tattoo Project addresses this by tattooing volunteers with issues that the Twitter community votes deserve to be made permanent. Our brave volunteers know nothing about the tattoo they will receive, but dedicate their skin for the sake of empathy. Our last tattoo over Japan took place at the Social Tattoo Project gallery in New York City.

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Plastic Robot Dreams of Electric Bunnies

Contributions Reader Find

By PR in New Art on Wednesday 3 August 2011

Plastic Robot is a diverse artist working with photography, painting, drawing and collage. Commonly found throughout his artworks are highly personal subjects. He generously allows us into his world of love and defeat, beauty and misconduct. His artworks are directly inspired by, and connected to, his personal life and he creates with clarity and compassion. And never without bite.

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