Original Spirits: How four artists celebrate the traditions of Mount Gay rum through their work

Nicole Hughes Contributor

By Nicole Hughes in New Food and Packaging on Thursday 18 December 2014

With more than 300 years of expertise in creating a handcrafted product, the makers of Mount Gay rum understand the importance of honoring history, process and tradition. In celebration of that history, Mount Gay rum is sharing the stories of four Original Spirits from varied backgrounds and creative fields.

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Extraordinary photos of New York drag queens in half drag

Tristan Rayner Editor

By Tristan Rayner in New Photography on Tuesday 8 October 2013

The illusion and fantasy of drag is presented in this brilliant collection by New York-based photographer, Leland Bobbé, who has captured portraits of stunning drag queens in half drag for his ongoing project ‘Half-Drag…A Different Kind of Beauty’. These images are not digitally composed or altered, instead captured in a single photo by Bobbé. [Read […]

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Israeli photographer Kfir Ziv

Daniel Rotman Reader Find

By Daniel Rotman in New Photography on Wednesday 22 February 2012

A photographer trained in New York opened a new studio in Tel Aviv, Israel. He brings to the Middle East a style of photography almost unparalleled in its energy and aesthetic. I had the pleasure to work with Kfir on a number of projects and I found a rare combination of creative freedom, technical expertise […]

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Bug lollipop photos by Lucas Zarebinski

Alison Zavos Contributor

By Alison Zavos in New Photography on Saturday 26 November 2011

Lucas Zarebinski is a New York-based still life photographer. He writes: ‘I grew up in Bielsko Biala, Poland, a small city famous for goose down comforters. When I was 17, I dated an artsy blond girl named Olga who was a photographer. In the few months I was around her, I realized that I had a knack for still life photography. That pretty much sums up how I became a photographer. I now live in New York permanently and create images for a living’.

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GL Wood

Carlo Muttoni Reader Find

By Carlo Muttoni in New Photography on Saturday 16 July 2011

GL Wood is a fashion photographer based in New York City. His unique style combines photography with dadaist design, japanese minimalism, and colorful, tangible papièr collages.

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Rachel Bee Porter’s The Joy of Cooking

Alison Zavos Contributor

By Alison Zavos in New Photography on Tuesday 30 November 2010

Rachel Bee Porter is a photographer based in New York. She received her MFA (Photography) from Parsons, The New School for Design in 2010. This work is from her series, The Joy of Cooking.

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Jen Davis

Roger Link Reader Find

By Roger Link in New Photography on Friday 24 July 2009

The self-portrait work of New York-based photographer Jen Davis is an honest and poignant look at self-image and isolation. She currently has a solo show at the Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art. [see more photos in this series at Feature Shoot]

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Amy Stein

Kate Barnett Reader Find

By Kate Barnett in New Photography on Tuesday 1 April 2008

It’s a lot of pressure being named one of the top fifteen emerging photographers in the world by American Photo Magazine.

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