Urban Cricket t shirts

J. Cooper Reader Find

By J. Cooper in New Fashion on Friday 2 December 2011

If you fancy a stroll around the Union Square markets in New York before Christmas, check out Urban Cricket. I bumped into these guys the other day and was inspired by their crafty and witty designs. My mits grabbed a Woody Allen-infused illustrated tee sporting the line: ‘What would Woody Do?’. All designs are illustrated […]

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Freemans Sporting Club: handmade goods for NYC men

Tidelands Reader Find

By Tidelands in New Fashion on Wednesday 26 October 2011

This small boutique of locally (NYC) manufactured and tailored apparel has got the urban outdoorsman look down, and harkens back to a time when even a man of modest means had his clothes tailored to fit. They also have a barber shop in the rear where you can get a straight-razor shave, a simple cut, […]

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The Flaneur Cowl

Jess Zaino Reader Find

By Jess Zaino in New Fashion on Thursday 18 November 2010

With winter fast upon us in New York City, the chill in the air needs to be combated with a cool, and by cool, I mean super warm winter accessory. The Flaneur Cowl is the new thing on the block. Hand-crocheted for local artisan points and made of yummy, warm, snugly wool, this cowl can […]

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New York Couture

Lamia Larkin Reader Find

By Lamia Larkin in New Fashion on Tuesday 24 August 2010

Hamburger skirts, tank tops in the shape of turquoise elephants, and a pink cupcake tutu bustier? No, I’m not on an acid trip and watching cartoons. I’m describing the work of the most exciting and colorful new label out there: New York Couture. While their range may seem the stuff Harajuku girls and ravers dream […]

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Yestadt Millinery

Gerry Mak Reader Find

By Gerry Mak in New Products on Friday 5 March 2010

Yestadt Millinery is a New York-based custom, handmade hat company that produces some pretty classy headware inspired by vintage looks but designed to suit modern styles. You can get a made-to-measure piece or make a wholesale order – their hats are also available at retailers around Manhattan such as Anthropologie and The Hat Shop.

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Sovereign Beck Speckle Wool Tie

Lost At E Minor Contributor

By Lost At E Minor in New Fashion on Friday 5 March 2010

Drawing upon both the traditional and the classically abstract ideals of tie design, the Sovereign Beck line of neckwear was created in limited quantity: bias cut and hand stitched in New York City. There are just 75 pieces per design.

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View of Courage NYC jumpsuit adventure

Robyn Wilson Reader Find

By Robyn Wilson in New Trends on Thursday 24 September 2009

I ventured to New York City from my home base in Sydney for the very first time in August 2009. Armed with an electric guitar and a couple of unique jumpsuits designed by my creative studio, View of Courage Studios, I was ready for what the city had to offer. I played a couple of audio visual shows in Brooklyn, under my performer guise, Flutter Lyon, in Bushwick and Williamsburg, that were very well received. Then I felt the need to get these jumpsuits that I had designed, hand-printed and made in Sydney onto some of the new friends I had made during my time there. So I took the Brothers Barragan, Arto and Daniel, on a little adventure through the streets of Williamsburg one afternoon.

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Mike and Chris

Michelle Wilding Reader Find

By Michelle Wilding in New Fashion on Monday 8 December 2008

Who else can create a sleek feminine look like New York’s husband and wife team, Mike and Chris? The designer duo have developed a cult following with their signature lambskin leather jackets, quirky detailing and exceptional tailoring. The success lies in a melded chic and street fashion that is both laid back and stylishly edged. […]

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Sophomore, fashion NYC style

This Island Life Contributor

By This Island Life in New Fashion on Tuesday 16 September 2008

I don’t know if it’s the name, the relaxed look, or the attitude that just don’t sit too well with authority, but something about New York based label Sophomore has got us reminiscing about the good old days. Their current collection has boys and girls getting back-to-basics. Think jersey sweats and loose tees, mixed with […]

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Lauren Kovin

Paul Darragh Reader Find

By Paul Darragh in New Fashion on Friday 12 September 2008

New York designer Lauren Kovin’s Spring Summer 09 collection is a combination of dynamic transformations and avant-garde beauty. Equipped with a striking palette of black, white, blue, and coral, her line features eight fluid jersey pieces that can be configured multiple ways, adding a futurist approach to the garments.

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Kate Barnett Reader Find

By Kate Barnett in New Fashion on Thursday 31 July 2008

Love it or loathe it, you’ve got to admit that the ruffled blouses and strict pencil skirts on television series Gossip Girl give you a guilt-free reason to watch. 25-year-old former model Abigail Lorick was approached to ghost design the Eleanor Waldorf Collection by using her budding real life label Loricklady. The press surrounding the […]

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Alexander Wang for Uniqlo

Stacey Howard Reader Find

By Stacey Howard in New Fashion on Tuesday 3 June 2008

The new range of Alexander Wang for Uniqlo just hit stores this week in New York. This is the perfect collaboration for budget-minded fashionistas, allowing us to wear Alexander Wang at an affordable cost (in the $50-60 range).

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Black Sheep and Prodigal Sons

Kate Barnett Reader Find

By Kate Barnett in New Products on Tuesday 6 May 2008

Derrick R. Cruz has channeled his talent for creating densely detailed works into the creation of the brand Black Sheep and Prodigal Sons. Fuelled by the New York city art and fashion scene, Cruz’s pieces are timeless but relevant, and beautifully detailed in their imperfections. They combine gold, silver, resin and bronze to create dark […]

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Stacey Howard Reader Find

By Stacey Howard in New Fashion on Tuesday 29 April 2008

Born and raised in New York, the boys of Pegleg have been designing their collection out of their downtown apartment since their freshman year of college.

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Stacey Howard Reader Find

By Stacey Howard in New Products on Sunday 27 April 2008

Jules Kim is the designer behind the jewelery label Bijules, which is based out of New York. This entire accessory line including hairrings, using real and synthetic human hair. This collection called Haire allows you to clip on colored pieces and daring do’s without having to commit.

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