The daily habits and routines of Nick Cave

Low Lai Chow Contributor

By Low Lai Chow in Video on Friday 5 July 2013

Singer-songwriter Nick Cave is a busy man these days. He’s just been slated to star as himself in 20,000 Days on Earth, a fictional drama-documentary by Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard that revolves around his a day in his life. In this fascinating 2003 interview, he talks about his daily routines and how he really […]

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Funny dance compilation for Daft Punk’s Get Lucky

Simon James Reader Find

By Simon James in Video on Wednesday 12 June 2013

The folks of the Huffington Post make funny and satirical web videos for people who want a little more meat on the bone of their comedy chicken than just finger-pointy-ha-ha. Eschewing knee-jerk snark, they often use a blizzard of cinema & pop culture references to make their laughs broader, warmer even. Check out their video […]

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Dove Real Beauty for the blokes with, erm, beautiful balls

Annie Churdar Contributor

By Annie Churdar in Video on Wednesday 8 May 2013

Dove Real Beauty commercials are so empowering for women. But what about men? Maybe men need to be told they’re beautiful too. Maybe men need a self-confidence boost from time to time, as well. Thanks to the good people of Ad Hoc, now men can discover that they are beautiful and unique too. That’s right: only 4% […]

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Hold On: new music by Alabama Shakes

Emily Nan Iason Reader Find

By Emily Nan Iason in New Music on Sunday 19 August 2012

Combine some Janis Joplin, a little Adele, and a southern rock twang and you have the magic that is Brittany Howard of the Alabama Shakes. Their video for Hold On is a minimalist view of the band simply playing a song, emphasizing the power of Howard’s vocals, her guitar skills, and the band’s overall cohesion […]

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Adobe Photoshop Cook: a stop-motion video about cooking

Rebekah Rhoden Contributor

By Rebekah Rhoden in Video on Wednesday 25 July 2012

This clever stop-motion video was made by Italian director,Stefania Rota, for the AdobeYouGC contest. It’s called Adobe Photoshop Cook, and it shows what it would be like if you could make delicious butter cookies with Adobe kitchen product. The whole set of this fun and intriguing video was made with just cardboard, cookie ingredients, and kitchen […]

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Moebius Redux: A Life in Pictures

MMav Reader Find

By MMav in Video on Thursday 19 July 2012

Despite his recent death, Jean Giraud remains one of the most influential artists ever. He was a true innovator. In this documentary – in three parts – Giraud relates his story, surrounded by a bunch of interviews with legendary artists such as Stan Lee and Alejandro Jodorowsky.

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Short film about one of the best luthiers in the world

Matei Plesa Reader Find

By Matei Plesa in New Film on Saturday 14 July 2012

I am a young, pasionate, filmmaker, born in Cluj-Napoca, Romania in the early 90s. I started filming my friends riding their BMX’s, and after appearing on hundreds of bike related sites, I tried something new: music videos. One of my videos managed to be the most viewed in Romania, with over 12 million views. After my […]

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The Partisan – New York Times: a new film by Jacob Sutton

Kervin Brisseaux Reader Find

By Kervin Brisseaux in Video on Thursday 12 July 2012

Jacob Sutton is a director and photographer based in London. Looking through his Vimeo you’ll see a collection of astounding work that emphasizes moments captured in a chronologically slowed down world. This technique only helps escalate the energetic visuals of Sutton’s films. A personal favorite would have to be his Partisan film for The New […]

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Retro-futurism animation work by Matt DiVito

Kervin Brisseaux Reader Find

By Kervin Brisseaux in Video on Thursday 12 July 2012

Matt DiVito’s animation work is a perfect blend of muted color spectrums and dense mathematical geometries with a hint of a retro-futurism. It’s a source of inspiration, to say the least.

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Documentary about the Allure of Art Nouveau

MMav Reader Find

By MMav in Video on Thursday 5 July 2012

This is a captivating documentary series about The  Allure of Art Nouveau composed of three episodes. In it, we follow Stephen Smith in his journey describing the birth of one of history’s most exquisite art movements.

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A Love Letter From You: street art in Philadelphia by ESPO

Matthew Reid Reader Find

By Matthew Reid in New Art on Thursday 28 June 2012

Visiting a friend in Philadelphia earlier this year, my eyes were given a present while traveling west on the Market-Frankford line. Sitting upon the urban landscape like a tiara was the work of Stephan ‘ESPO’ Powers. Growing up heavily influenced by the graffiti culture around me, ESPO’s work has always been an inspiration. A Love […]

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Live session for La Blogothéque by French band ARLT

Bjorn-Henrik Lybeck Reader Find

By Bjorn-Henrik Lybeck in New Music on Friday 22 June 2012

I was lucky to see French duo, ARLT, live a few years back. The band consists of EloÏse Decazes on vocals and Sing Sing on guitar and backing vocals. In this session, filmed by the talented guys from La Blogothéque, ARLT delivers an intimate take away show. The sound will stay with you for days to […]

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My Own Hands: a short film about tree surgery

Bjorn-Henrik Lybeck Reader Find

By Bjorn-Henrik Lybeck in Video on Friday 22 June 2012

Being a climber myself, I was really mesmerized when I saw this short film for the first time. It is about Ben, who runs an ethical tree surgery business called Absolute Treedom. He is also a climber and truly inspiring in the way he uses his surroundings. To quote Ben: ‘Give me three-dimentional freedom’.

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New work by Sudanese artist Hameed Elmissawi

Lost At E Minor Contributor

By Lost At E Minor in New Art on Thursday 21 June 2012

This new collection by Hameed Elmissawi – a modern designer and artist from Sudan – features clippings of wallpapers and the scraps of decorative materials, recycled to create these works.

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Surreal animated video by Jan Švankmajer

Samy Sfoggia Reader Find

By Samy Sfoggia in Video on Thursday 21 June 2012

Jan Švankmajer was born in Czech Republic in 1934. He is a filmmaker and artist known for his surreal animations. He influenced artists such as Terry Gilliam, the Brothers Quay and Tim Burton.

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