A pillow that could save long distance relationships

Inigo del Castillo Contributor

By Inigo del Castillo in Tech on Tuesday 11 February 2014

Here’s a new device that could ease the crushing pain and never ending loneliness of a long distance relationship. ‘Pillow Talk’ is a device, specifically a pillow, which connects long distance couples through their heartbeats while they sleep.

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Star Projector: bring the night sky down to earth

Annie Churdar Contributor

By Annie Churdar in New Products on Wednesday 30 October 2013

This charming invention replicates the night sky with tiny dots of light all around. With its internal compass, the light can align itself with your real location and actually mimic the stars you should be seeing at that time of night. What a whimsical way to teach kids about the constellations.

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Recycled yogurt container moon and tide clock

Rebekah Rhoden Contributor

By Rebekah Rhoden in New Eco on Wednesday 27 February 2013

This moon and tide clock is a perfect gift for that eco-friendly surfer in your life. Made from recycled yogurt containers, this unique clock has a sleek and clean design that’s great for predicting tide times, heights, and fishing conditions. It’s the perfect addition to any beach house or stylish bungalow.

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This Paper Tablet will soon replace your laptop

Annie Churdar Contributor

By Annie Churdar in Tech on Thursday 10 January 2013

It’s like an iPad, but much thinner and more durable. The Paper Tablet is flexible and might change the way we work behind an office desk. Instead of staring at a screen, this new tablet allows one to have several sheets of paper to run different apps and display documents. The screen is virtually unbreakable and way more fun to interact with than a stationary laptop screen.

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Lost your keys? Bluetooth stickers will help you find them

Low Lai Chow Contributor

By Low Lai Chow in Tech on Saturday 22 December 2012

Scatter-brained types like us will understand the pain we regularly go through when we misplace, say, our keys. Here comes Stick-N-Find to the rescue, which basically allows you to paste a 4.1mm thin sticker on anything and lets you trace the object’s whereabouts within 100 feet with Bluetooth signals on a mobile app. There’s a ‘virtual leash’ feature that sets off an alarm on your phone if the object wanders out of the designated distance, as well as a ‘find it’ feature that alerts you when the object is in range. Currently an Indiegogo project, the stickers are set to ship next year in March.

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Plugbook: an extension cord shaped like a book

Dave Hakkens Reader Find

By Dave Hakkens in New Products on Tuesday 12 June 2012

My latest project is called plugbook. It’s more or less an in-house extension cord, but it has two power sockets, two USB ports to charge your devices, and a cable which automatically rewinds (like in a vacuum cleaner). On top of that, it’s shaped like a book, so you can always hide it in the middle […]

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