Zoophite: jewellery by Sydney-based Gabriella Hirst

Lauren Carroll Harris Reader Find

By Lauren Carroll Harris in New Design on Thursday 12 July 2012

There is something unreal about Gabriella Hirst’s jewellery. An emerging Sydney artist, Hirst produces exceptionally delicate handmade jewellery and ‘crownettes’ inspired by marine life. They’re not cast or molded, but sculpted from polymer clay into spiky crystals in pale, carnivalesque pastels. They can’t be reproduced, only treasured. The age of mechanical reproduction has again given birth to a new appreciation of the one-off, hand-rendered object.

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Mechanical winged jewellery powered by fingers

Low Lai Chow Contributor

By Low Lai Chow in New Design on Tuesday 19 June 2012

A decade ago, Korean metalsmith and jewellery maker Dukno Yoon decided to build some incredibly fun mechanical finger works that let digits power up into instant playgrounds. Wings – some feathered, some metallic – sit atop a metal structure that grips the finger like a ring, and flap when the finger moves. Fantastic stuff.

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Micro-prosthetic jewellery lets you wear body parts

Low Lai Chow Contributor

By Low Lai Chow in New Design on Saturday 16 June 2012

How amazing is it to wear an ear ring on your finger? Or a ear on your ear, for that matter? Etsy seller, percylau, has crafted an exquisitely zen collection of mini clay body parts (noses, mouths, penises, and yes, especially ears) as rings, collar pins, brooches and necklaces. Wonder if David Cronenberg’s excited?

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Sydney-based jewelry designer Claire Suzy Stannard

Peta Morris Reader Find

By Peta Morris in New Design on Friday 15 June 2012

Sydney based jewellery designer Claire Suzy Stannard creates unique jewellery pieces that pack a punch, creating a street edge glamour. What’s more, her jewellery can be worn by both guys and girls. Bonus!

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Socially conscious jewelry design by The Love Project

Tanja M. Laden Contributor

By Tanja M. Laden in New Eco on Thursday 7 June 2012

The Love Project is both an eco-friendly jewelry line and a charitable collaboration between a pair of Washington DC-based designers. Jennifer Elizabeth Miller and Melissa Lew are the eponymous Jem • Lew: two socially conscious artists who designed The Love Project’s signature piece: a four-heart logo that’s hand-painted on bamboo and stainless steel. Percentages of sales from each of the baubles are donated to various non-profit organizations. It’s finally possible to buy jewelry and say it’s for a good cause. And it’s true.

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Jewelry design by Miki Tanaka

Stacy Conde Reader Find

By Stacy Conde in New Design on Monday 4 June 2012

Miki Tanaka is a Japanese jewelry designer who is based in Brooklyn.  She is extremely prolific, and all work is handmade in her Brooklyn studio.

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Jewelry design by Julie Thevenot

Jenny Mortsell Reader Find

By Jenny Mortsell in New Fashion on Wednesday 30 May 2012

Julie Thevenot makes jewelery I want to wear all Brooklyn summer. I especially love the Small Exile Necklace. Imagine how good it would look with just a white tanktop, a pair of washed out cut-offs, and a pair or jerusalem sandals? Like you would blend in and stand out at the same time. Thevenot also loves cactuses and lives with a cat she found under the Williamsburg bridge named Mouche. Cause she’s French, you know.

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New jewelry design by Sydney-based Linda Tahija

Peta Morris Reader Find

By Peta Morris in New Design on Friday 25 May 2012

I stumbled across Linda Tahija and her beautiful jewellery at Sydney’s Manly Market last year. There is a beautiful balance of exotic elegance and boldness in her jewellery. My favourite is the rose gold plated Marrakech ring. You can buy manufactured cheap jewellery anywhere, anytime. So why not save up and purchase something that has longevity and style.

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Wearable art jewelry design by Nina Savill

Stacy Conde Reader Find

By Stacy Conde in New Design on Thursday 24 May 2012

If I had to sum up Nina Savill’s work in a phrase, it would be ‘go big or go home’. These jewels don’t whisper, they shout. You can feel the hammer strike in every piece. It’s the stuff of a fiercely fashionable super hero. Savill works in fine silver and 14K gold, and each piece is individually hand-crafted in her studio in Los Angeles. Her Artifacts collection utilizes organic and reclaimed materials to create a one-of-a-kind work of wearable art.

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Body part shaped wooden jewelry by Julia Harrison

Brigitte Martin Reader Find

By Brigitte Martin in New Art on Tuesday 22 May 2012

With a chisel in her hand, Julia Harrison creates unique jewelry. The Seattle-based artist forms body parts from various woods. The eyes, ears, mouths, hands and arms are first carved and then get an added color treatment with gouache, lacquer, wax and epoxy.

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Wonderfully weird jewelry by Crème Nouveau

Gemma Robinson Reader Find

By Gemma Robinson in New Fashion on Thursday 17 May 2012

My love affair with Crème Nouveau began with a Jammy Dodger brooch, given to me by my brother one birthday. I henceforth entered the flamboyantly kitsch world of Katherine Hawkins, jewellery and accessory designer extraordinaire. Her wonderfully weird range incorporates resin, textiles, beads and knick knacks to create wearable broccoli, bonbons and bourbons. Brooches shaped like biscuits: what’s not to like?

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Wearable jewelry sculptures designed by Lauren Passenti

Ashley Conchieri Reader Find

By Ashley Conchieri in New Design on Wednesday 16 May 2012

Boston-based metalsmith and jewelry designer, Lauren Passenti, combines unexpected materials to create pieces of wearable sculpture. Her jewelry is inspired by industrial decay and her forms challenge elegance when set against rough textures.

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